Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting Back To It...A Little Early

Guess Master isn't quite waiting until New Years to start getting back in the groove.  Last night, once the house was quiet, He summoned me upstairs with a nod of the finger.  I asked if I could take the dogs out first and promptly received another finger nod and one of "those" looks (you know the one that says you better get your ass over here now!).

Yep, not taking the dogs out just yet!

I quickly greeted him upstairs and was ushered to a pillow that He had just flopped down on the office floor.  Despite His pushy demeanor, there was something so comforting in kneeling at His feet and taking Him in my mouth.  It had been quite a while for this kind of servicing.  But Master wasn't looking for any artistry or worshiping this night, He meant for me to get straight to business.  '

No hands, just pump your mouth the way I have taught you! 

I tried desperately not to shift positions too much but my body was definitely reminding me how long it's been.  My knees were aching, my neck was cramping, my thighs were burning, but the "good girls" and feeling His hands occasionally grab my head kept me happily distracted from any discomfort my body felt.

It wasn't long before I felt Him grow even bigger and harder in my mouth, the skin pulling tight over His shaft.  Knowing that He was ready to explode, I pushed Him far into my throat and was rewarded with the all too familiar but delicious taste of His cum pumping in rhythmic waves down my throat.

Not a bad start to our "reset"!  




  1. Loving the cartoon! That does sound like a good start to your reset!

    1. Thanks Scarlet! It has been nice getting back to our version of "normal"

  2. Yummy! Oh to be on my knees again.... thank you for sharing!

    1. I hope that you find yourself on your knees very soon;)