Monday, April 22, 2013

Interrogation: Final Part

Approaching the bathtub, I think how sweet He is to be drawing me a warm bath.  Only, I notice He places His hand on the cold water knob, never touching the hot.  I look at Him questioning as He fills the bottom of the tub and orders me to get in.  A nervous giggle escapes my mouth wondering if He really means for me to get into ice cold water.  Oh yes!!…the burning look in His eyes says all I need to know!  I sadly realize the game is not over but has actually just reached checkmate.

As hard as it is, I comply and step in but that’s not enough.  God, it’s so cold as I lower my body down to sit and I start shaking uncontrollably.   As the water continues to fill the tub, I wonder how long I will be expected to endure this “torture”.  He turns to the shower (which is separate from the tub) and turns on the hot water.  Once steam appears, He orders me out of the tub and into the shower. 

Ahhh….the hot water stings my cold skin but feels delicious.  I stand there relishing the feeling and not ever wanting to get out.  Once again fooled into thinking I have succeeded, I am surprised when He opens the door grabs, my arm and pulls me back towards the tub.  This time as I sit down in the water, which is now almost chest deep, it is so unbearably cold.  I’m not even sure where my mind goes, but it’s as if I go into shock.  I just sit unable to think clearly or even move.

Again, back into the shower.  My senses start reawaken and I am so grateful for the sting of the hot water.   This time, when the shower door opens, I am already starting to freak out at the thought of going back into harsh cold water.  As he tries to force me back in the tub, before I can even think about it, His real name slips from my mouth as I beg Him for no more and try to pull away.  My thoughts so lost at this point, I don’t even remember that I have a number that can end this game...much less what the number is.   Realizing I had reached my breaking point, He stops the scene immediately.  He gently puts His arms around me, pulls me to His chest, and I start to sob. 

Once I have composed myself a bit, He allows me to get back into the shower for as long as I need while He disappears to make some tea.  All I can think is “how did all this just happen!”, yet kicking myself for “failing”.  Master comes for me and insists that I relax in the bed and drink my tea after the shower has warmed me thoroughly.  He explains that He is not upset with me and I have still earned my reward for trying so hard even if it didn’t end the way He thought it would. 

Now completely relaxed, He shows me something I have never seen before…a fuck machine!  WOW..what an odd but interesting contraption:)   I admit, it’s a bit intimidating at first but not as intimidating as all the dildos He intended to use.  He instructs me to get on the floor on all fours and locks me in doggie style in the stockades.  By the way, the stockade and machine were from 

 Each dildo is displayed in front of me to view as He fits the machine with the smaller, 5 inch one.  He turns the machine on and carefully makes adjustments until it thrusts deeply into me.  It doesn't take long before the slow rhythmic pace of feeling it slide in and out of my swollen, wet pussy is driving me wild, quickly bringing me to the brink orgasm but I am instructed not to come until given permission.  Of course as soon as I ask, He stops the machine!  What?...oh God how can He stop!!  I need for something to be buried inside me.  I realize He is actually moving up to the next size.  This is good though because I would actually prefer to hold out for the big Mac Daddy of silicone cock I have my eyes on...haha!  He goes through every dildo, each time pushing me so close to exploding until He gets to the 6th and final one (yeah...that's the Mac Daddy I was eyeing)  A stunning 10 inches and massively thick.  It took some coaxing to get it inside me but that feeling of being so completely filled drives me to the edge in what seems like seconds.  This time the answer is YES when I ask permission and as you can imagine, the orgasm that rips through me is amazing and rocks every part of my body. 

Hopefully, you have enjoyed my recollection of the events that transpired during our “Interrogation” scene.  It actually took place back in August but I had fun and got myself all excited recounting all of the gory detailsJ  Oh...except for the water torture!


  1. This entire scene seems incredible! Though I don't think I would have lasted the 2nd dunk in the water torture! You are tough!! Great little series!
    We have been eyeing fucking machines, my Dom would really like to have one. He is crafty though and wants to make his own.. ;)

    1. Glad you liked. I had fun reliving it through my writing. It happened so early in my sub experience, it makes me wonder how I would handle the same thing now. will love the machine;)