Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Night to Remember

Once again, I sit here (on a sore bottom mind you) trying to write a post, wondering where in the heck to start.  This is becoming quite a habit.  So many words, yet so little ability to make my brain function to get them written out.

Let's see....things are a bit slow on the Chrysalis front. I guess we haven't really had much time with the kids being out of school and all.  But we have now brought our families completely together which has been fun. 

Things might be a little slow on that front, but things have certainly been not been as far as Heron is concerned.

Starting a couple weeks back, he implemented a ritual.  I don't know that it will be a permanent one but it is until He tells me otherwise.  Each day, I am to select and present Him with an implement to paddle me with.  No reason for this other than that's what He wants me to do.  A little part of me wonders if this wasn't to help keep my emotions in check a bit.  As I started spiraling back a couple weeks ago, this has seemed to be a good way to keep me grounded and bring my focus back on what's most important...Him.

He has used everything from the ping pong paddle, to the crop, to the bamboo slotted spoon (which should really be called a Mother F****r for as bad as that hurts), to the large plastic ruler.  Last night was by far the most intense though.  First was 50 strikes with the bamboo walking stick and then 30 more with the bamboo slotted spoon.  It's been quite a while since I have woken up with bruises.  And over the last year or so, it has been near impossible to mark me but last night He was pretty  successful.  I know it's not the best way to cope with the pain, but all I could do was hold my breath and take each lick as it came.  It wasn't until He was done that my tears finally spilled.   

We have also somehow managed eight straight days of sex which is absolutely unheard of in our house.  Some of it has been sweet and tender but some of it has been downright rough and naughty...and so much fun!

The first of the eight nights was one of those nights.  You know the that just stands out in your mind as particularly memorable.  The last time He had attempted to use the Tens unit, the batteries were dead so He bought new batteries and apparently decided it was time to try again.  Yep...fresh batteries did the trick!

With my ankles and wrists cuffed and attached to each of the four corners of the bed, I laid there spread eagle, exposed, and completely helpless which is His favorite position for me.  Who am I's one of my favorites too!

He gently placed the four pads around my rapidly swelling and wet pussy, making sure to avoid my extremely sensitive clit area.  I flinched when He first turned it on but then settled into the gentle hum and the feeling of it pulsing around my pelvis.  Leaning over me, He stroked my body and kissed me deeply.  When He was sure that I was focused more on the pleasure of His touch, He turned it up just to remind me of the pain.  He continued alternating like this, sometimes also adding in a few strikes of the flogger across my tits, until He had reached the highest setting on the unit 

I thought He might have been done but He was actually far from finished.  Now, He moved the pads around so that one was directly on my clit and told me He intended to again get it to the highest power.  To add to my discomfort, He put the clover clamps on each of my nipples  Believe it or not, even with the pain in my nipples, had something also been moving inside of me, I feel certain I could have had an orgasm from the electricity pulsing through my clit.

Now instead of distracting my pain with kissing and flogging, He used the violet wand.  Each time He increased the intensity, He teased my body with the wand, tracing it across my flesh.  He was quite proud of Himself for leaving the red markings of the word "whore" across my stomach, which I proudly wore the rest of the night.  But thankfully they were gone by the next day.  

Finally getting to the highest setting, He turned the Tens off, removed the pads, and with a huge sadistic grin on His face, used the violet wand to continue zapping me directly on the clit until I was writhing and whimpering, trying to arch off the bed and fight against the restraint that held me fixed. 

Next, He brought out the knife.  It's a switch blade type, and just to hear the sound it gives me shivers of anticipation. I never really thought I would ever enjoy knife play as much as I do but it really gets me going when it's threatening me in just the right spots.  With my body sill spread eagle, He climbed over me and settled between my legs, warning me not to move.  Just to be sure, He puts straps just above my knees and fastened them to the sides of the bed forcing my legs into a semi-butterflied position.

Slowly and ever so gently He began dragging the blade of the knife over my clit.  Then I felt the coldness of the blade touching and parting my lips just before sliding in.   

Don't you dare move. 

He moved it ever so slightly in and out.  My body didn't even so much as flinch.  My breathing slowed and deepened and I drifted off lost in the moment. 

At some point afterwards, I realized He had replaced the switch blade with a butter knife but part of the game is not knowing when He actually did that.  Beautiful mind fuck! 

After so much stimulation, it was sweet relief, when He finally removed His clothes and took me as I still lay helpless and bound in the bed.

What a night!  I have another one to write about but that's going to have to wait until the next post:)    


  1. Hot, hot, HOT. Or maybe it should be ouchie, ouchie, ouchie. Either way, Heron is back on track. Hugs. K

    1. It was a bit of both that's for sure! Thank K. Love you

  2. Sound like a night to remember indeed. That mix of pain and pleasure does the trick often :) houtchie :)

    1. Hello Mr. Midas! Yes, pain and pleasure is a perfect for me. I don't tolerate pain just for pain's sake too well. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting:) Happy Monday!

  3. Love hearing about how you and Heron are connecting!! I sounds like it has been much needed with all the extras you've been working through. And- I think knife play might scare me to death! =]

    1. Pearl, we have been having suh a good time together! Everything just seems to be "clicking" at he moment. You know how things go. Sometimes life gets on the way but for the moment, we are enjoying thw focus on each other. Knife play scared me at first but I trust him...he DOES NOT like blood so I am sure he won't cut me:) Hugs to you. Hope you have a great week!

  4. sweetie, there is hardly anything I enjoy more than to see posts like this from dear friends like you. Why? Because your happiness just oozes from your words ... and it make me happy that you are happy.


    1. Awww...sub hub!! Thank you:) That is quite thw compliment....and how I always feel reading your posts as well. I am glad that I am able to convey those pictures in my reader's mind!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend:) Hugs xo