Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Long Night and the Girl at the Club

Continued from Primed for the Night: this slave's account of being loaned for the weekend...

Even though her eyes were downcast, she could feel the weight of their stares as she walked, guided by the leash, into the club following behind the Mistress.  The club was still part of the clothing optional resort but it seemed everyone else chose to wear clothes, making her keenly aware of her condition.

Just to the right, after walking through the door, was a small little area with a couple of couches and a stripper pole in between.  The Mistress removed the leash and insisted on seeing her dance.  Again, this was something she had never done before and didn't even know how to begin working the pole.

When it became obvious that she had no idea what to do, the Mistress hopped on the platform, wrapped her hand around the pole and showed her a few sexy moves. The two woman briefly danced around the pole together before the Mistress stepped back down, letting the slave take back over. 

The slave couldn't help but notice that while they had been tucked away fairly alone, others were starting filter over to that area and watch.  She wasn't sure how well she was dancing but she was having fun. And the only unfortunate part was that the plug she was wearing had become quite distracting, threatening to pop out every single time she squatted or bent over.

Moving on to the bar and main dance floor area, the slave stood close by the Mistress but was quickly sent away to ask the DJ specifically for stripper music.  She wasn't in danger of having to strip since she was already not wearing clothes but the Mistress had her remain on the dance floor.  Alone on the dance floor, with plenty of people watching from the bar, she began seductively dancing as the Mistress demanded.

The Mistress began sending her to find men sitting alone and had her dance for them. Some of the men appreciated the show, while others did their best to look away.  This made her even more self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Then came an unexpected task for the evening.  As the Mistress said the words, the slave almost couldn't believe what she was hearing. She would not be allowed to go to sleep that night until she had brought two men to orgasm.  

After the slave had danced for several men, the Mistress made her first move to initiate something more.  As she was dancing for one man in particular, the Mistress introduced her as "cum slut".  He was so confused and could not understand the name he had heard.  Both women tried to explain several times what the slave was.

But when the Mistress asked the man if he wanted his dick sucked, he didn't hesitate for a moment.  Moving outside the club near the pool, before the slave could suck his cock, she was expected to beg for it.

What she realized in that moment is that it is one thing to be commanded to do something, even if it is humiliating.  It is quite another to actively participate in one's own humiliation and degradation. 

She knelt down on the concrete, scraping her knees, and took his cock in her mouth.  As it hardened,  the Mistress grabbed the back of her head, forcing her up and down on it in an effort to make her gag.

After only a few minutes, the Mistress stopped her.  It was as if she enjoyed leaving the man with blue balls. The slave was made to find someone else.  Once again, the slave had to beg, and once again another cock was in her mouth.    

With the Mistress affording each man very little time, and emotionally toying with them as much as she was the slave, it wasn't until the third guy that the slave was finally rewarded for her efforts and swallowed her first of two loads.  What the slave didn't know at the time was this man had heard from a friend about "the girl at the club" and had raced down purposely seeking her services.

Making their way inside the second club on the property, the slave and Mistress danced together.  Coincidentally, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun began playing.  It was a song that they had sung karaoke at a different place and time.  Even though she was still leashed, the slave and Mistress laughed and danced in the crowded room like a couple of young girls.

How quickly things took a turn.

They made their way to a pair of couches and yet another stripper pole.  Only this time, instead of the pole being tucked away in the corner, it was the focal point of the room.  She was again made to pole dance, only this time, she tried not to look out and notice the sea of people watching. Thankfully, the plug that had restricted her movements before had been removed and she was able to move about gracefully.

The Mistress caught her eye and made her turn and face the crowd.  The slave was ordered to play with herself.  Burning under the lights and the stares of dozens of men and women, the slave closed her eyes, leaned back against the pole and began touching herself.

It had only been a few moments when the Mistress signaled her over to where she was sitting.  She was told to lay over the Mistress's lap.  With her ass in the air, the slave was paddled in front of the entire club.

Pointing to the men sitting on the adjacent couch, she was made to choose a cock to suck. Walking over to the sofa, she chose the man sitting to the far left and begged to please him. He unzipped his pants and the slave took his cock in her mouth.   

Even as the man was enjoying her pleasure, the Mistress made the slave stop.  Only this time, instead of sending her to another man, the Mistress ordered the slave back over to her.  She ordered the slave to kneel between her legs.  Lowering her head, she pleasured the Mistress knowing all eyes in the room were on them.


When they all returned to the condo, the slave asked to check in with her Master as it was late and they hadn't spoken since she arrived.  Walking outside where it was quiet, she heard the sound of his voice and all of the the emotions she had suppressed throughout her ordeal threatened to burst forth.  Her voice trembled when he asked her if she was alright.

She tried to assure him that she was okay but the quiver in her voice said otherwise.  She let her Master know the night had been more intense than she had anticipated and she was exhausted from the demands of the past seven hours.

The Mistress came outside and sat down on the step beside her.  Her Master and the Mistress began conversing on speaker phone. And as the Mistress began telling her Master the things she had been doing, she made the slave affirm each statement  The slave could barely answer "Yes, Ma'am", as she wilted with each question.

Before the Mistress ended her conversation, she let the Master know the slave was still not done completing her obligations for the night.  She reminded the slave that she was required to make two men cum before she could go to bed and she wasn't done with her task. She let the slave know that she was going to have to go into the living room and please the two men staying there.  Fatigued and defeated, the slave whimpered "Yes, Ma'am".

She hung up the phone and walked into the living room to please the men waiting there.

Thirty minutes later, she stumbled into the Mistress's bedroom anticipating sleep but the Mistress and her boyfriend had other ideas. The slave doesn't remember how many times she came.  She was used for their pleasure for nearly two more hours.

Nyghtbird-The Girl at the Club (photo taken by the Mistress)



  1. Wow!! I'll get back to you with more. I need to read a few more times. Wow! I'm so proud of you. I would have been begging my Master to come get me.

    Oh, one guy shot his load, so didn't you only need to pleasure one more to fulfill the obligation?

    1. Thank you HS. Would love to hear if you have any additional thoughts after reading it again.

      Yes, I did only need to pleasure one more to fulfill the obligation. And of the two...only one was ultimately able to help me fulfill the task. I think the Mistress had a feeling it would work out that way.

    2. I'm just in awe struck. You allowed yourself to push you past your comfort zone. You trusted the overall experience and not dwelled on in the moment.

      I know you may not believe it but you have truly set the precedent for many of us. Though we each have a different precedent, your recant of it all is a talking billboard - you can do it, just believe, trust and have faith.

      Thank you! Thank you for sharing something so intimate. Thank you for being vulnerable to your readers. I for one appreciate it.

    3. HS...your words mean more to me than I can even express. Honestly, I don't know what to say. You have rendered me speechless and that isn't easily accomplished!


  2. Hi lg,


    I think you mentioned when you started telling this story that you weren't sure whether you would be able to write about you experience and also how it would be received. You weren't wrong when you made that assessment. Can I say that it provokes quite an emotional response in me as I read along, and it is certainly must have been an amazing and intense experience.

    The level of trust between yourself and Heron in allowing you to experience this opportunity is awe inspiring. The challenge that this weekend must have presented to you and the fact that you faced it all is truly remarkable and sets a benchmark for those that seek to find their submission.

    You will have certainly left a lasting impression on those that were lucky enough to have been there. I am also sure that you and Heron have found something new that you didn't have before.

    I know it's not March, but would you think that after you have finished recounting the weekend and possibly some reflection afterwards whether Heron would consent to provide his thoughts on the weekend and how it has changed the two of you?

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us all. Take care. DtBHC

    1. It is my pleasure to be able to share it with all of you. I am very humbled and flattered by you words.

      Heron and I have come out this both having learned alot about ourselves and I think each other. We were extremely close before but the level of bonding afterwards has been amazing. I don't want to give too much of that away just yet but he has cared for me so intensely I think he would be happy to provide some of his own thoughts as well.

      I think something that is important to point out, this type of experience isn't for everyone, just as other people's experiences may not be for us. It's not the type of challenges we face that's important, it's how we face them.

      We worked a long time to get to this point and the decision wasn't made without trepidation on his part. But ultimately, he wouldn't have done it if he didn't think I was capable. Part of the trust comes in that we have discussed this type of experience many times before. Now did I know if and when an opportunity would present itself? Not necessarily. But at least I was somewhat mentally prepared.

  3. You are such a strong slave... I don't think I could have pushed myself. I felt humiliation for you and even at some points I wanted to cry.

    I can not wait to hear the rest. You are amazing. Like HS said...I would be begging Master to come get me.

    1. Thank you so much Jane Doe and I'm sorry it almost brought you to tears. I had a feeling it might evoke an emotional response from some readers. But I feel blessed to know people are that strongly connected through my writing.

      I would have never thought I could have pushed myself that far either but I think you would be surprised what you can actually do when it is placed right in front of you. Heron has trained me to do without question or hesitation and while sometimes I am not successful with certainly helped and was a wonderful tool that I drew from in this situation.

    2. You are just remarkable and I can't wait for the rest of the stories to come. It would also be great if Heron did give his input.

    3. So, is there anything specific you would like Heron's perspective on or just the experience in general?

    4. Idk where to start... I want to know how her felt when the idea of loaning you out crossed his mind.... what he thought when you set out to meet your friend.....the call you guys had...the after thought after the phone call...and that's all I can say for now until I know the end...

      This is like a really great juicy have me salivating for more. I think I can gain some growth from you.

    5. I'm so glad you like it and I love to hear that it could maybe help you. I began writing, and still do, to help me process but as time went on, I realized how much we all have to learn from each other here in the blogging world and if my experiences can help even just one person, I am so very happy!!

      Oh, I love all your suggestions. They are all things that we discussed at length afterwards and I know he has some pretty strong feelings/emotions about.

  4. I so very much admire you! Obviously you are experiencing things that are beyond your comfort level. Even though that can be unsettling, it seems that deep down it is the very thing you are looking to experience. I can understand that completely! Being in a safe and trust trusting situation, with the knowledge that I would be taken beyond my comfort level, but not knowing how, when and to what degree ...... is something that I believe every submissive/slave longs for.

    "Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits" - unknown

    I so love seeing this story unfold. Thank you!



    1. Thank you SHIP. And thank you for encouraging me along the way as I tell the story. Your enthusiasm to hear the next part each time, has helped more that you realize.

      I will say this...if deep down, I am looking to experience all of this, it must be on a very subconscious level:)

  5. What a way to start a weekend! Definitely an experience to savor.

    1. It was a weekend like no other I have ever experienced...that much is very true.

  6. I also admire you so much for having fulfilled this amazing task. As sub hub says, it might have felt extremely difficult and unsettling at the time, but what an amazing experience you have had. Well done you xxx

    1. Thank you Julie. Despite how difficult and unsettling it was, I walked away amazed at how much I felt I grew in such a short amount of time. Things that once seemed a challenge for me no longer seemed so difficult because...well, I had been pushed so much further. Those other challenges now seemed trivial by comparison.

  7. I've said it before but i don't care ... I'll say it again ... that is a HOTT HOTT SEXY picture of you on the pole!

    1. I'm glad you like it and Heron is glad you like it too. He was blown away when he received that picture via text that night. It is his absolute favorite EVER!!

  8. Replies
    1. I assume your "Ditto" was to subhub's message:) If so...thank you very much!!

    2. You are most welcome.

      It would be wonderful if the questions Jane has raised can be answered by Heron