Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Primed for the Night

Continued from Initiation of Cum Slut: this slave's account of being loaned for a weekend...

After returning from dinner, the slave prepared and served drinks.  She had learned very quickly how to properly present in this situation as the Mistress is very particular about protocol.  Kneeling with her arms outstretched and above her head, the Mistress accepted the drink from the slave's hands and then requested the large duffel bag of toys that had been packed and sent with the slave by her Master.  The Mistress seemed quite pleased as she opened the bag and looked over the assortment of goodies.  Settling on the 3 layer leather slapper, she instructed the slave to stand and bend over.   

There were several other men sitting close by, watching. Since she had already been punished in front them earlier, there wasn't much shock in being completely exposed and spanked in front of them now.  The first few swats stung only a little.  Then the Mistress told her to bend all the way over, touching her hands to the ground.  Still wearing the very high heels, this was a bit difficult but she managed by to touch her finger tips to the ground by bending her knees slightly.  Each swat to her ass was harder than the previous.  As the leather landed lower down where the skin was stretched tight across the back of her legs just under her cheeks, it took her breath away. She yelped and crumpled to the ground when one well placed slap caught her directly between the legs.  The tears instantly flowed.

She could barely get back into position when ordered to do so.  The Mistress had found her weakness that quickly.  Pussy spanking is almost unbearable for her.  After a moment, she resumed her position but braced herself for the next set.  With trembling legs, she was instructed to turn around, this time facing the Mistress. Again, the Mistress honed in on her weakness.  "You like having your nipples slapped, don't you?"

She answered truthfully, "No, Ma'am".  

She was instructed to put her arms behind her, arch her back to push her breasts out, and tilt her head back.  The Mistress stood to her right side and used the slapper, hitting each of her nipples over and over again.  Every time her body instinctively pulled forward to protect her breasts, the Mistress scolded her and demanded she pull her head back again to expose her breasts.  The Mistress began taunting her, demanding to hear swear words. 

The slave's mind was reeling at this point.  Not only is she typically forbidden from cursing, but she also knows that she can only process pain when she is quiet and stoic.  Almost unable to form words, she continued to endure the leather as long as she could.

The Mistress kept on until the tears turned to sobs and finally the flood gate of swear words broke free.  She was cursing, pleading, and begging for the Mistress to stop.  And upon hearing the words she wanted to hear, the blows ceased.. As the slave stood still crying and shaking, the Mistress began gently wiping the tears from her face and assuring her that her tears were wanted. 

After asking permission to use the restroom, she was alone for a minute trying to compose herself and thought how, again, this was a first for her. Accepting pain is simply an act of submission, and never before had anyone else, besides her Master, pushed her limits of pain tolerance.

The Mistress stopped her at some point a little while later when she was in the bedroom and acknowledged that she could be tough and demanding.  But even more important, she wanted the slave to know that at any point she needed a break, she need only say so as long as it was communicated between just them and not in front of anyone.  It was a sweet moment because despite how hard her limits were pushed, the slave understood that neither wanted to put their friendship in jeopardy.

It couldn't have been but a few minutes later, while she was kneeling on the patio, that the Mistress instructed her to move towards one of the men, the Mistress's boyfriend, and was ordered to take his cock in her mouth.  After a few minutes the Mistress stopped her and pointed to one of the other men, only this this time, she had to beg for his cock.  Her mind went blank.

It was one thing to beg for her Master's cock, but someone she barely knew, that was a different situation all together.  Lucky for her, he gave in pretty quickly, sparing her further embarrassment.  As she moved around to the third man, he would not be so easily persuaded.  She pleaded, letting the man know how bad she wanted it and was rewarded.  This experience had been, by far, the biggest challenge for her so far that night.

Each cock had only received a few minutes of attention before the Mistress stopped her.  She was still kneeling as the Mistress petted her and brought her face up close to her own, lips parted. 

"Do you want to kiss me?"

"Yes, Ma'am" the slave quickly answered.  Secretly, she had wondered what this moment would be like since the day they had met a couple years ago.

But the Mistress's response caught the slave off guard.  "Do you really expect me to kiss that mouth after it's been on all those cocks?".

The slave flushed.  Nothing like a little added dose of humiliation.

The slave offered to go brush her teeth and upon returning was finally allowed to kiss the Mistress.

The evening was growing late and there had been talk of going to the nightclub on the property. The Mistress changed into a short, tight black party dress.  Kneeling on the floor, the slave slid the heels onto the Mistress's feet.

The chosen outfit for the slave was something the Master had packed and is one of His favorite outfits. It is a merely a bunch of straps and nothing else. Each strap accentuating the slave's body...and her nakedness.    

actual outfit-photo previously taken by Heron
Still wearing her heels, tweezer clamps with bells adorned her nipples, and she was filled with a butt plug.

Before the group left, the Mistress explained the rules for the rest of the night.

-You will only refer to me only as Mistress
-You will only refer to yourself only as cum slut
-You will keep your eyes lowered and not speak unless I tell you otherwise
-You will walk one step behind me at all times.

With that, the pink leash was clasped to the ring at the neck of her outfit, and she was led out the door for what would surely be a night never forgotten...


  1. How did you manage to stay awake? I'd be screaming to go to sleep! I can't wait to find out what occurred at the night club.

    And, is Her boyfriend Her submissive?

    1. No he is not submissive.

      And as far as starting awake...a whole lot of adrenaline!! Lol

  2. Keep it coming sweetie. You are something quite special. I knew it was an incredible experience and with each post, I know a little more about why. It's a funny thing ... as I read and think about your adventure, I can't help but think about it from a Dom perspective.

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying, SHIP!!

      And I would love to hear more about how this is taping into your Dom perspective!

  3. I'm definitely hooked. That is quite an outfit to wear to a "nightclub" without creating a riot. Tell us more about this place! I have to assume your master is quite pleased (so far)!

    1. I am very flattered to hear that you are hooked, Me. Grey!

      Being that the nightclub was on the clothing optional resort property, I guess my lack of attire wasn't too shocking. However, I don't think people there were quite used to seeing that type of outfit. Thankfully, no riot though.

      My Master was receiving updates, with pictures, almost in real time from the Mistress so he knew for the most part what was going on. And yes... He was extremely pleased:)

  4. oh I have just been catching up, so behind with blogging, and all I can say is wow I am loving this, and you write it so well it appeals to my love of voyeurism, as it's like being an observer there, in these moments lol


    1. Hi Tori! I knew I hadn't seen you around blogger much lately but I am glad you are getting a chance to catch up!! I haven't been around as much myself the past few months. Lots going on.

      But I am really happy to hear you are enjoying this!! It is certainly a turning point in my path and I am glad to be able to share it with all of my friends here. You have all helped me so much along the way!!

  5. I Love your Songs Nyghtbird! I'm curious...did Heron grant your desperate wish from "Begging for Cock or Cum"? Or was it just a coincidence?

    1. Well thank you! And I have to admit...I am pretty impressed! Apparently you know my blog better than I do. Had to go back and re-read the post....that's been quite a while.

      So it seems I "theoretically" begged to suck the cocks of 3 men in a weekend. I can't say that this was necessarily Heron granting my wish because by my count, I am already over 3 and the night isn't over. And I don't think it was totally a coincidence. Let's just say "Begging for Cock or Cum" was a bit of foreshadowing.