Monday, January 20, 2014

All Was Not Lost

So our Saturday might not have gone as expected but we managed to find time for us much later that night.  Thankfully Master woke up feeling much better and was ready for action.  We did have to wait until the house was quiet and snuck down to the bedroom in basement where we could make a little noise without disturbing anyone.

Even with the heat running down there, it was a bit chilly so He set up the space heater to warm the room.  I removed my clothes as He requested and stood in position (legs spread and hands clasped behind my head).  The only problem was He hadn't come downstairs with any implements.  After looking around for a few moments, He found the switch that He had safety tucked away after one of our other play sessions down there.

My breathing quickened as He walked up to my left side and began softly stroking the front of my body with His left hand while holding the switch in the other.  Then came the first tap of the switch on my ass.  Then another...then another.  He continued on, changing the intensity at times from soft taps to medium thumps, just enough to leave a good sting.  His left hand continued to explore my body tracing my tits and pinching my nipples, gliding down my stomach and just ever so slightly touching  my pussy, then making the trek back up to my tits again.  I could hear myself moaning and purring with each strike.   The contrasting sensations were absolutely intoxicating, the perfect balance of pain and pleasure and I was lost.

However, His mood shifted and the air about Him grew more sadistic as He asked me to climb on the bed and lie spread-eagled.

I know you have not asked for your pussy to be spanked yet this week, but I think I am going to go ahead and do it anyways.  

Pussy spankings are certainly not my strong suit.  For some reason, I seem to be super sensitive down there, particularly when I am in a certain state of arousal.  After only a couple of what I consider soft taps, I was already wriggling and reflexively trying to close my legs which only drew His impatience with me.

Don't close your legs again! 

I really tried as the switch continued to torture me but apparently I was not very successful because He decided to change my position.  He calls this position "As You Will".

With my head positioned at the end of the bed at His groin, He pulled His cock out of His pants and told me to focus on licking it rather than focusing on my discomfort.  The position also allows Him unhindered access to my tits and pussy while sincerely limiting my ability to move.  My knees were spread apart and the switch continued to land on all the areas around on and around my pussy.

If you move again, we will stop and you will suck my dick rather than get fucked!

Each strike seemed almost more than I could bear and I could feel His agitation as I continued to struggle to maintain composure and position. Finally, I begged for mercy.

Please Master, I will choose to suck your cock.  I cannot take it.

Get up off the bed and spread your legs as far apart as you can, then bend over and put your hands on the floor.  

He brought the switch up between my legs from behind me and continued until I was straining on my tippy toes and yelping in pain.  He finally wrapped His body around my waist to hold me in place as He continued and the tears began welling up in my eyes.

Back up on the bed and spread your pussy lips as far apart as you can. 

Oh, I should admit that even as bad as it hurt with each thump, I could feel my juices dripping on my fingers as I held myself open for Him.  Damn pain slut pussy! 

When He finished, He wasn't angry but I knew He wasn't entirely happy, not even in the slightest. 

But the evening did end with hot, amazing sex and a wonderfully intense, mind blowing orgasm even though my pussy was so swollen He could barely get His cock in.

Somehow, I didn't even panic when He instructed me afterwards to use my fingers to retrieve and eat His cum from my pussy.  



  1. Oh wow. I'm glad your master woke up refreshed and ready to play. Sounds intense and that ending.... Very hot!


    1. Thanks Bonnie! Glad you liked that ending. It wasn't my favorite part of the action but i have learned not to mind it too much;)


  2. Hot! Ouch! Hot! Ouch! So degrading! So fucking hot!

    1. Lol!!! Thanks HS:)

      It was degrading. Apparently i was overdue for a good dose of humiliation!

  3. I loved the first parts of this post! So hot! The holding your pussylips open and after...too much for me, but I won't be telling My Love that! He's in a kick of using all the notes he's taken on things I say I don't want done to do.

    1. Glad you liked the first parts. At one point in time the other parts would have been too much for me as well, particularly the ending. He just continued pushing my limits until I became more comfortable with doing the things that I once found unpleasant. I still may not like certain things certain but it's just a thing of doing as He says. i can totally relate to your last statement;)

  4. Sounds like a very intense session. So hot! We haven't tried using a switch. I want to though. I've heard that they are very quiet. We would like to do more spanking but it's too noisy with the kids around and we only get the house to ourselves for a couple of hours once a week.

  5. That is exactly why we love the's quiet but can be intense. We are the same way....almost never any privacy.

    By the way, I still haven't forgotten about the post you recommended. Sorry it's taking me so long:(