Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gotten Soft

Let me start by saying that I am so excited to be making my first post from my very own new laptop.  No more waiting on the computer to be available or having to hide away in the office.  I can now sit right here on the couch and type away!  Thank you, Master, for such an awesome Christmas present.  I think this greatly helps in my motivation to write.

So back to the reason for my post.  It's been a long while since having my ass spanked, much less a good frying. 

But apparently, Master read my last post and felt I was maybe overdue for one.  I did say that I missed them but He wasn't really supposed to hear that. 

Friday night, He walked out of my daughter's room with a handful of hangers and I knew I might have just overlooked getting those out of her closet.  Every weekend, I am to collect all the hangers from each closet and bring them to the laundry room so they are there when needed and not sitting empty and taking up space in the closets. could I have forgotten those!?  Was He looking for a reason to punish me? 

Get to the basement!

As scared as I was to see what He was going to do, I couldn't wipe the stupid grin of my face as He followed me to the basement.

Really...why could I not stop smiling?  I knew I was about to get into trouble.

Get your pants down!

I tried to talk my way out of it but it wasn't working.

Get your pants down NOW!

I pulled my pants down exposing my bare bottom and braced myself for what was to come as I heard the shuffle of the coat hangers as He picked the one He wanted.

He walked up behind me, instructed me to spread my legs, and delivered the first blow.  It was a cross between stingy and thuddy and left me cringing waiting on the next one.  There were 5 and then He stopped and walked back into the laundry room.  I pulled my pants back up rubbing my sore bottom. 

Did I tell you to pull your pants up?

Oh...geez (pulling them back down quickly)

This time, put your hands behind your head.

Five more swats and Damn, I don't remember it hurting so bad!

After He finished, He leaned close in to my face.

So you missed them, huh?  By the way, I read your blog today.  But next time, I won't use the plastic coat hanger.

Is that supposed to be a threat? 

Now let me just say, I am pretty sure I didn't mean for that to come out of my mouth, but oh did!  I was really serious though.  That damn coat hanger hurt so bad, I wasn't sure if He was trying to say be thankful you got that one or if He was somehow not happy with it is a spanking implement.

Nevertheless, I quickly realized my mistake when He returned with the wire coat hanger and delivered one very deliberate heavy swat that made me jump around like someone had just set fire to me. Ok, plastic really isn't so bad!

One thing I realized is without regular spankings, it's amazing how soft one can become.  I know my ass used to be able to take so much more than that. And I was just a wee bit out of shape for the hour long cock worshipping/sucking that followed said spanking.   



  1. :-) i love our wire coat hanger ( it lasts a long time and reminds me i am His) ... but i hate canes... so glad that your One read and decided on something about it. Have a good day (((hugs))) saffy.

    1. Thanks saffy. Not sure if I will ever love the write coat hanger. I break out in an instant sweat as soon as He pulls it I might not love it but certainly have a healthy respect for

      I wish you and Yours a Happy New Year!

  2. I have a HUGE smile on my face.

    Glad to see things are getting back to the way they should be!

    1. Glad it made you smile! And yes things are certainly getting back and then some!

      Have a Happy and safe New Year:)