Friday, February 6, 2015

A Predicament

As much as I had hoped things would settle down a bit now that Heron has a break from school, this week has shaped up to be another one filled with craziness and absolutely not a minute of privacy.  Well, except that five minutes earlier in the week where I found myself in quite the predicament.

After cleaning up from dinner on Monday, I went up to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable.  He, however, had other plans.  Plans that involved my working out...kind of. 

As soon as I entered the room, I saw that He had been fumbling around in the toy cabinet and had all sorts of stuff laid out on the bed.  He told me to take everything off and put on a pair of workout shorts and my sneakers. 

The room was so cold and I wished I could have had more clothes but I figured whatever He was up to, I would get warm in a hurry.  After dressing as I was told, I knelt in the middle of the floor and waited beside the heater we have set up for those especially cold nights.   

Off the main part of our bedroom is a sitting room, which we have turned into a small workout area.  After a few minutes of waiting, He told me to go stand and wait for him on the treadmill. 

While I waited, my body was covered in goosebumps, more from the cold than excitement.  Watching as He walked over to me holding a pair of clover clamps, I knew pretty quickly his intentions.  He began stroking my left nipple to a firm peak and I let out a gasp when He first put the first one on.  The cold seemed to make everything more sensitive and intense.

He looped the chain from the clamps through the hand rail on the front of the treadmill and then attached the clamp to my right nipple.  Realizing that this wouldn't be long enough, He went back to the pile on the bed, returning with another set of clovers. 

I held my breath as He unclamped one side and re-clamped it with one of the clovers from the second set. He then looped and secured each chain individually around the handrail, allowing plenty more room for me to now stand up straight.

Oh, yeah...I shouldn't forget to mention that before putting on the clamps, my wrists had been handcuffed behind my back.

So standing next to me, He set the treadmill at 1 MPH and pressed START.  No problem.  Almost too slow really but an extremely comfortable speed. It was slow enough that I could walk easily without any pulling and very little bouncing. Don't know if you're like me but I try to be stealth like and move very little when wearing the clovers.  

After the first minute, He increased it to 3 MPH.  Fast enough now that things were starting to jiggle but I was keeping up with minimal discomfort. 

Another minute and now 4 MPH.  This is the speed at which the "predicament" started.  Being as short as I am, 4 MPH is definitely considered speed walking.  I'm forced to significantly speed up or suffer torturing my own nipples.  But speeding up also means there is no way to avoid the bouncing and jiggling.  Really, the lesser of two evils though.   

I almost freaked out when I saw Him reach over to set it at 5 MPH, knowing I would be forced to jog. I wasn't so focused on the pain in my nipples anymore but my legs were burning like hell.  And if I wasn't able to keep up, well you can imagine. 

By 6 MPH, I was begging Him to stop, knowing my legs were about to give out. Apparently being sick had taken a toll on my stamina.  He grabbed one of my arms to steady me and turned the machine off.

As soon as the clamps and the handcuffs came off and I was back on solid ground, He tapped my shoulders downwards signalling for me to kneel on the floor in front of Him.  His cock was already straining to be set free so I quickly unzipped His pants and took Him in my mouth, savoring His excitement, until He stopped me wanting to save the rest for later. 

Apparently, He is quite the fan of predicament bondage and once I could catch my breath, I didn't mind it too much either:)

 Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Wow - well done on 6mph, I would struggle with the running never mind the extras. I love predicament bondage. It often makes an appearance in my books too, but it's all fantasy. Reality would probably be different!

    1. Thanks DF! I am quickly learning to love predicament bondage myself. You aren't in control of anything that happens so you can free yourself to just enjoy:)

  2. Wow! I would have not done as well as you. Your Heron is quite creative.

    1. It's amazing how well you do when you have no choice though. He is really creative. Sometimes that's a good thing...sometimes not so much:)

  3. Oh you lucky girl...nipple clamps, cook worship and some exercise. Not sure it could get much better than that!

    1. Hi anonymous. Thank you for your comment. I do feel like a lucky girl...most of the time. LOL Sometimes I wonder:)

  4. Now that's a very interesting way to spend 5 minutes. My goodness, what a combination of treats he had for you.

    1. Tell me about it! He's also had plenty of tricks up his sleeve this weekend!

      By the way....heard the NE is bracing for another big storm. Stay safe and warm:)