Wednesday, February 11, 2015

By Candlelight

Continued from Riding the Rope...

Now it was becoming clear why Heron hadn't eaten earlier.

He disappeared downstairs for a moment and returned with his dinner, setting it down in the dresser.  The tower and chair had been removed from the center of our bedroom and was replaced with the massage table, covered by a table cloth.  He helped me up onto it and cradled my head lovingly as I laid flat on my back.   As He walked around tying my arms and legs down to the corners of the table, He explained that tonight, I would be His table.

Now, I've heard of people being used as furniture before and had silently wondered what it would be like.  Would it be hot, humiliating, maybe a bit both?  However, I guess in this situation, I would be considered more the place mat than the table, but it was erotic nonetheless and didn't seem humiliating at all.

He carefully laid the plate on my stomach and the salad bowl on my pelvis.  What He did next, I could have never imagined in a million years.  He flicked off the light, stood over me lighting a candle, and told me He intended to eat His dinner by candlelight.  And I was going to be the candle holder. Before I had a chance to think ir say anything, He placed it in my mouth, almost touching my throat.  I bit down slightly holding onto it ever so slightly with my teeth.  My lips closed and locked around it, to ensure it was firmly in place.

I laid perfectly still, focusing only on the flickering light dancing above my head, and the sound of Him starting to eat.  After finishing His salad, He placed the Hitachi on the table in between my legs and proceeded on to the main course.  As He ate, He would reach down intermittently and turned the vibrator on and off, just to make my predicament a little more "exciting".

Being used in such a way was incredibly hot and I was so close to the edge of orgasm, but I didn't dare for fear that I might lose control of the candle.  Not to mention I didn't have permission. And with my mouth full, couldn't have asked anyways. 

I continued watching the warm glow and began worrying when I saw the wax liquifying and teetering on the top of the pillar.  In the end, despite my best efforts, one lone drip made it's way down to my lips and trailed ever so slightly across my cheek.  He could tell by my reaction, it was hot so He quickly blew it out, checked to make sure I was alright, and then resumed eating.

When He finished, He stood beside me, picking the dried wax from my cheek and complimented me for being such a brave girl.  Wow!  That was like hearing "good girl" times 10.

Now, I knew there were several ways that the whole scene could have gone terribly wrong. But I completely trusted that He would keep me safe and it made me so proud to have stayed calm and pleased Him enough to earn such sweet praise.

After helping me up off the table, He told me to put on my robe and we went downstairs and was treated to a yummy bowl of cake and ice cream. We relaxed for a little bit before heading back upstairs for the next round.

Just some words of caution if you ever engage in this type of hairspray, no perfume or cologne, and never leave your partner unattended even for a second.  And truth be told, if Heron had it to do over again, He would have used a drip guard at the base of the candle or used a drip-less candle.  We were lucky in that the drip didn't burn me but it was a lesson learned.  And while we both enjoy   wax play, it's better to be safe than sorry around the face. 


  1. Now that was hot, in more ways than one. Wonderful that he pays close attention and plays it safe. Can't wait to read the next installment. :-)

    1. The danger of it, made it all the hotter. And being a "thing" wasn't so bad either. Lol. When he started, I was thinking I must be crazy for letting him do this to me:)


    2. Obviously you trust him implicitly. That's wonderful. You are both very lucky to have each other. Hugs.