Monday, March 3, 2014

An Afternoon Alone

Today I found myself completely naked and tied to the massage table, all of my limbs drawn tight and secured to each corner.'s been quite while since we played like this and I am almost giddy with excitement but not for long.

As soon as the blindfold is secured on my face, turning everything dark, my breathing quickens and I try not to flinch every time I hear the slash of His flogger teasing, dancing through the air directly above my body.  Then, it connects with my chest, landing with a thump across each of my tits at first, then on the folds of my pussy.  The speed and intensity picks up and I am in a good place as He moves the flogger across the entire front of my body. Every now and then the flogger catches the tip of my nipple and I wince from the sting but it is fleeting as He quickly moves to a different part of my body. 

Now, I hear the belt sliding out of His pants, a sound so sexy and breathtaking every time.  Although, I always find I am never very fond of it by the time He is done with me.  The smooth leather kisses my tits and nipples.  He is being easy and for that I am thankful, but a few quick licks to my pussy is all it takes, and as usual, I am arching and straining trying to try get away.  Then He goes back to my my tits.  Strike after strike lands across the upper and lower curves of my tits. This continues until I am yelling out loud each time the belt clips my sensitive nipples, a reaction that always draws His displeasure.

Once the belt focuses on tormenting my pussy, my tears turn to moans and sobs and each strike causing my legs to reflexively draw together.  Again, I hear the frustration in His voice at my lack of control as He commands me to keep my legs open and offer myself to Him and the belt.  I've gone soft and can handle little of what I used to, but He continues until satisfied that I have had enough.

Any relief I feel when He finally stops and removes the blindfold is gone because now I am staring at the  violet wand in His hand.  He dances the wand around my body, zapping the already pink, tender flesh of my tits and nipples and even takes way too much delight in zapping certain areas around my face, which is really disconcerting and agitating. 

Never knowing where the wand is going to strike next keeps me from settling into the pain and brings more cries and tears, particularly when the electricity touches my swollen clit. 

I am sobbing, fighting it...

I want Him to stop...I don't want Him to stop...

I need to endure...I want Him to take what He needs from me. 

With puffy eyes and a stuffed up nose (an attractive sight I am sure), tears continue to trickle down my face after He stops, unties me, and orders me to lay on the floor.  Pulling His pants down just enough to expose His fully erect cock, He attempts to thrust into me.  It takes some work to push through my swollen hole, but once He does, the tears stop, my body instantly responds to Him and every part of me is like a live wire.  It doesn't take long before all the stimulation of the afternoon comes washing over me and my body releases wave after wave of pleasure around Him. 

We haven't had a session that intense lately, but it was the physical and mental release I needed.  I keep my emotions in check so hard and my tears locked in so tight that sometimes I have to be driven pretty hard to let go.  But I will say that I experienced an instant drop like I never have before.  I could feel myself shutting down within about 10 minutes. Granted, we didn't have time for aftercare since our alone time abruptly came to an end.  But I felt so out of it, shaky, and nauseous that I just had to go sleep it off for a little while.  However, once I woke up, I felt refreshed and at peace! 




  1. When I drop it is pretty instantaneous, doesn't last long and sleep cures it.
    I think you had good reason to drop - violet wand!

    1. The violet wand can certainly be fun with the right kind of "other" stimulation. But just by itself, can get overwhelming pretty quick!

  2. Wow, this is intense. I'm with DF, the drop is understandable...yet my brain might be broken because it's all "sign me up, i wanna do that!" i think i just need sex. lol.

    1. Lol...your brain isn't broken but definitely need sex. I am sure you two aren't going to come up for air for quite a while!!