Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Round of Answers: Fetlife and Hitachi

Thank you DelFonte for the first question!

Do you use Fetlife much and is it useful?

I do use Fetlife, and I completely admit that this time last year, I was a total junkie.  This was pretty ironic given how I fought the idea of setting up an account when Master pointed the site out to me.  It didn't take long though before the addiction took hold.  All my spare time was spent perving pictures and reading through forums.  Everything about this lifestyle was so new to me and I was fascinated by it all and absorbing/learning as much as I could.  It  opened my eyes to a world that I had no idea existed.  Then I began to talk to people with similar interests and felt more comfortable answering questions posed in forums.

The problem, I began to get too emotionally invested in it all.  It also seemed like almost every thread I was interested in turned negative  and unproductive  I found myself backing off and focusing more on my blog.  

I do still check Fetlife daily but would say that it has been most useful for meeting new people. I have met several local lifestyle people and developed a couple of frienships.  Obviously,  in a lifestyle that most of us cannot openly share with vanilla friends, this has been so valuable to me.

Anonymous asked:

Would you recommend a Hitachi? With or without attachments?

I can certainly say without a doubt this is my all time favorite vibrator and I would recommend every woman have one or at least try it. I think once you feel how intense and powerful it can be, you will wonder how you lived without one. I have had one for  probably close to a decade and we fondly refer to it as my boyfriend. 

We only recently purchased attachments, and I was somewhat disappointed. Apparently simplicity works best for me.

Funny you ask this question though. I actually wrote a post on this a little while back.  Feel free to read about it more detail.

Looking forward to more question! Feel free to post them here!


  1. Thank you for the answer. I have a Fetlife account, but generally I dash in and out again, unsure what to do!
    As for hitachi attachments, mine weren't much good either, unlike the wand :)

  2. Did you ever have a problem swallowing? How did you overcome it?

    1. I wouldn't mind knowing that either. It's not the taste I mind but the texture, gag! Lol

  3. I'm so personal about stuff that it's hard to think about meeting someone that 'knows' but it would be nice to have a face to face conversation with someone...if I could make myself talk that is lol

    1. It really is a nice outlet and it's not as hard to talk about things as you think. I enjoy just being able to be myself. And the people that I have met were at a munch and the friendships just kind of evolved from there.

    2. I'm sure I make it harder than it has to be...

  4. I heart fetlife too :)

    my questions:

    1) what drew you to blog about your relationship?
    2) what has been the most difficult challenge since beginning D/s?

    ava x