Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy...Unitl It's Not (part 2)

As I stood there, with the tears drying on my face, in a see thru pink tube top with slits He had cut horizontally in the fabric to expose more of my cleavage (nearly exposing my nipples as well), skin tight shorts, and heels, He looked at me and said, That is it! Perfect! 

That was the outfit I would wear to the car wash.

I looked at myself in the mirror and begged Him to reconsider.  I might have even casually mentioned something about going to jail.   

He did agree that maybe it was exposing too much and suggested that He might find a different top.      

Get undressed and get in the bed. 

I asked if I could put my robe on first and take the dogs out for the night.  He followed me outside and stood with me.  He offered a choice, or compromise so to speak.  Who knows...He may have been planning that all along.   ugggg...mind games!

He would allow me to go to the car wash in something more appropriate...if I told Him a story while stroking Him with my hands AND the story had to be "good enough".  If it wasn't, I would be wearing the original outfit. 

Why was He pushing so many of my limits in one night?!

I won't say that I hate telling stories as much as public humiliation but I certainly don't like having to come up with them.  Who knows why telling stories is so difficult for me.  Maybe it's a bit of shyness or fear that He will find my story is uninspiring.  I'll be the first to admit, I my brain is much more analytical and somewhat lacks in the imagination department.    

I mean how many different ways can you be kidnapped and used over and over again by multiple people?

But that's the scenario that turns Him on, so I stick with it. 

We started with me lying close to the edge of the bed, on my back.  He was standing up beside me so that I had full access to stroke His cock.  At first, I had trouble deciding on the setting of the story, but with a little direction from Him, I was able to get started. 

Even though He wasn't using me in the way I had hoped, He did have a new little twist for our story telling time.  He was using the Magic Wand on me and I certainly didn't mind that!  It was a little distracting though.  As my kidnapper was cutting my shirt off and pulling my nipples, Master could tell I was getting worked up so He gave me permission to cum and I actually enjoyed a rather intense orgasm.

Unfortunately, for Him, right after I got mine, we were interrupted by a little one knocking on the door.  It was close to 2 am before we got her back to sleep but I finally had a chance to finish my story for Him. Judging by the large load He deposited in my mouth, the story was "good enough". 

Yay me!! He actually complimented several parts of my story :o

So, even though it wasn't really the evening I had hoped for, it made me feel better to hear Him admit later that it wasn't really the evening He had planned.  We certainly made up for it the next morning, but that's another post! 


  1. I'm glad to hear everything turned out okay! I'm with you on story telling; although I do have an imagination, my problem is getting it out of my head. :)

    1. I guess maybe that's my issue too cause their are plenty of ideas floating around in there...particularly when it's been a while since we have...well you know:)

  2. Funny how I'm happy to write erotic stories down, but the idea of saying them out loud to my husband, that makes me clam up immediately. Glad he was pleased with your story.
    Another post... :-)

    1. gave me an idea. Maybe I should write a story when I am not feeling the pressure and just tuck it away. Then the next time he requests a story...I already have some material.

  3. I've never had to tell a story in the bedroom before. I'm glad haha

    1. Oh Special K! I have missed seeing you around blog land. Glad to hear from you. Hope all is well:)