Thursday, April 10, 2014

Filled Holes

Every day this week, you will insert and wear a butt plug in your ass on the way to work.  When you get to work, you will stay in the car and make yourself cum before going in the building.

Every day this week, you will also insert and wear a dildo in your pussy on the way home from work.  When you get home, you will stay in the car and make yourself cum before going in the house.

You will also make yourself cum every time you leave and come back to the house. 

Do you understand?  Repeat the instructions back to me.

This was Master's assignment for me last week.  Ever try to get yourself moving first thing in the morning, fight with getting a butt plug inserted, go sit in traffic (quite uncomfortably I might add), and actually make yourself feel like getting off all before 7:30? 

Not an easy task I assure you but somehow the job got done.  Arousal was pretty hard to come by but as soon as I reminded myself, you are doing this for His pleasure, I began to feel the stirring of excitement. there was also a bit of a thrill in doing something so naught in a semi-public place.  Of course, no one could see me but they were dangerously close. 

Each day came and went with very little mention of it other than an occasional...Did you take care of your assignment today? 

I did find myself pretty thankful to see the end of Friday though, which marked the end of my assignment.  With a sore bottom and an exhausted body, I really didn't care if I had another orgasm for just a little while.  You know it's bad when you start an internal debate in your head over whether you really need to leave the house again or could that errand just wait till the weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, that sounds intense. I'm not sure I would have been able to complete that assignment.


  2. Sometimes the only thing that gets me through is just not wanting to disappoint him or make him think I haven't given his task my all.