Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Working" Wardrobe

Thank you for this question from Anonymous...

Your recent post discussed your career and possible new job opportunities. How do you manage your professional life and the standard every day wardrobe (or lack there of) requirements of your master?

10. I cannot wear bra or panties unless permission is granted otherwise.

11. All outfit choices must be approved and unless permission is given otherwise, must be a skirt or dress, and if stockings are worn they must be thigh highs or garters.
At first, I thought this would be difficult expectation to fulfill but it just requires a little common sense, communication, and compromise on certain occasions, such as my recent interview or other formal meetings. 
Getting permission for certain outfit choices usually isn't a big deal because He typically buys all the clothes I wear anyways.  Each Christmas, He pretty much buys me an entire wardrobe of matching outfits, sometimes with shoes and accessories even.  He makes sure to include outfits for all different occasions, including work.  I know if He's picked it out, He likes it.   
I have to admit though, I am glad that you pointed out rule #11 because I realize I have been pretty remiss in laying out my outfit choices in advance for His approval. He hasn't said anything but I might ought to check in with Him on this specific rule:) 
With the clothes I have for work, it's fairly easy to hide what's under (or not under) since Master allows me to maintain a professional image as far as the style of clothes I wear to work.  
In winter, I have blanket permission to wear pants as I see fit.  When I wear pants, I may also wear panties.  I sometimes wear skirts in the winter but they are always long enough to conceal the fact that I am wearing thigh highs and no panties.  In the summer, I almost always wear skirts and even though I am bare legged with heels, my skirts are still long enough so that no one would suspect my panty-less status. 
As far as tops, I pretty much wear the same thing during the winter and summer.  They are usually somewhat conservative and the fact that I don't have on a bra can simply be concealed by wearing a light sweater or cover, which works just about any time of the year considering how cold it stays in my building year round. 
My Master does understand the professional position that I am in and tries very hard to make sure that I am not put into any situation that could jeopardize my status.
When I had the job interview, He knew I would be wearing my pant suit and I asked Him on that occasion if I could also wear a bra.  The key phrase in my rules is "unless permission is granted".  So it is really up to me to weigh the situation and if there needs to be consideration made for a certain situation, I just ask.  


  1. I would be so thankful if Master picked my clothes, but I think he likes watching me fret over it. Sometimes he just stands there watching me, chuckling at my indecision. So unfair :)

    1. Well Misty...its all good until he picks out the most trashy outfit and takes me in wal mart. Lol!

    2. LOL! You make a good point.

    3. Well, I don't see any reason why someone else would see or notice that your not wearing panties. The only reason for panties with pants would be for the chaffing aspect. I had a sub that worked in a financial office and she was barred from panties and pantyhose- only stockings with garters and a bare pussy. I made her send me pic's during the day. She has continued with this three yrs after we split.

    4. You are right, the only reason I have different rules for when I wear pants is just that...comfortability. I have found it really hard to keep wearing skirts's just too darn cold in my office.