Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When He Walks In


A thought occurred to me today when I heard the garage door go up signaling that Master was home from work. 

I fall in love with this man every day when He walks in that door.

I mean He does look really HOT when He walks in still dressed in His suit and tie.  Well sometimes the tie and jacket are already off and His sleeves are rolled up.  Ahhh...sleeves rolled up!  There is something about the rolled up sleeves that really gets to me.  Ok, sorry...kind of getting sidetracked there:)

But it's so much more than that.   

Something so simple that I used to take for granted. 

Greeting Him when He walks in the door.  The connection that is made just in that momentary exchange sets the tone for the whole evening.    

I didn't do that prior to M/s.  In fact, most of the time, I hardly acknowledged His arrival home as I ran around trying to manage the chaos of just getting home from work myself, preparing dinner, and working on homework with the kids.  I hate to admit it but He usually wore the verbal and emotional brunt of my frustration as soon as He walked in.  Nice greeting home...huh?

No more though.  When He comes in, I am usually in the middle of dinner preparations but it doesn't stop me from walking over to Him and offering a kiss and welcoming Him home. 

This ritual, that literally last just a few moments, reminds me how thankful I am that He comes home to be with ME each and every day.

I now feel like one of the kids or dogs...everyone's happy when Daddy's home!


  1. Yep, i know just what you mean.

    1. I can't even imagine how intense the reunion had to be when yours returned home!

  2. :-) my time like this is when MK gets up and fetching his first cup of coffee, .... no matter what i always stop to do this and say good morning , and that i love Him.

    1. That's a great ritual! I wish we had more time in the mornings but we are all scrambling just trying to get everyone ready and out the door:)

  3. Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest difference. I have certainly fallen in love with my Clyde in a whole new way since starting ttwd.


    1. And I hate that I spend so many years overlooking the little things. I know it 's better late than never but it surely would have saved a lot of struggles along the way.