Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Few Firsts

Let's start with the ginger root.  Daddy had been threatening to try this for quite some time.  Each time He came home from the grocery store and had some wrapped in a bag, I would get pretty anxious, but He always just ended up using it in some new recipe.  Of course, He never passed up an opportunity to tease me with that sadistic glint in His eye whenever it came out of the fridge.

Last week though, when He pulled it out of the fridge, He intended to use it for real.  Not really in a bad way, but just trying it out sort of way.  After He skinned a piece of the root, we made our way upstairs and I joked about how with my luck I would have some horrible allergic reaction to it and it would close off my holes...LOL! 

I am happy to report, that didn't happen.  Honestly, there really isn't much to report.  He started by rubbing it on my clit.  It was cold!  That was about the extent of it, except for the fact that He was rubbing my clit which was good of course.  It got a bit more stimulating as He tested it in and around my pussy but I still didn't feel the supposed burning sensation.   

Then He told me to turn over so He could try it in my ass.  Oh, yeah!  That...I felt.  It wasn't really an intolerable burning, but it wasn't comfortable either.  And by the way, just a word of caution...clenching your butt muscles does increase the burn. 

When He took it out and rubbed it on my clit again though, I felt all warm and tingly in all the right spots which was nice. 

I learned that the technical term for using ginger in this manner is "figging".  So I looked it up on Wiki and also learned this was used a form of discipline on female slaves beginning in Ancient Greece.  Hmmm...learn something new everyday.

The next day, He pulled out a little device of torture called a spiked breast binder.  Somehow it seemed oddly appropriate that He put it on me while we watched our favorite show, Game of Thrones.  It straps on pretty tight so it was certainly uncomfortable.  To the point, that I purposely tried not to move around too much.  When He removed it, there were lots of little spike marks imprinted on my tits and I was surprised at how long the pain lasted.  For a good 30 minutes afterwards, it felt like I still had it on.  


And last but not least, I learned a new cock sucking position.   I doubt it has a name but basically I was lying on my belly with my body outstretched between His legs.  He then had me bring my heels up to my butt and hold my ankles while I continued to use my mouth on Him.  Whew...that one was tough so thankfully, He didn't make me hold it too long.


  1. oh gosh Daddy has been teasing me with potential figging for ages - but it sounds like perhaps it isn't so bad?!? ava x

    1. Hi Ava Grace. I would say no its not that bad but I certainly wouldn't gave been able to stand it too extremely long either. I guess maybe each person might react differently or be more or less sensitive than another too. So good luck if he decides to give it a go:)

      It's good to hear from you!

  2. Figging, honestly mouse isn't a fan of anything burn-y on tender places.

    The spike bra thingy tho, we have one...horrid beast! But at the same time mouse would gladly wear that as opposed to other things.


    1. Hi mouse!

      I do remember one of your recent posts involving burn-y things;)

      And you are certainly right...there are plenty worse things than the spikey bra. I will keep that in mind next time I find myself wearing it.

      Thank you for commenting and I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed and learned from the experiences and thoughts you share through your blog.. You have been quite an inspiration to me.

      Hugs back!