Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stuffed: More Ways Than One

It was Friday and Daddy was home early.  Fridays in our house are usually reserved for date night.  Since our kids are old enough now to leave at home, we typically grab them some food and then enjoy a little time out by ourselves after a long week.  But instead of the usual, He decided to treat me by grilling steaks at home just for the two of us.  I was quite stuffed and felt a bit spoiled after after indulging in the fabulous dinner He prepared. 

While He put together a surprise dessert just for me, He sent me upstairs with instructions to find "Kong" (you of my biggest and most favorite dildos!) and wait for Him.

After rustling though our toy cabinet, I found my beloved "Kong", stripped off my clothes, and knelt on the bedroom floor eagerly waiting for Him to come in.  Now, I had been worked pretty much to a frenzy during the week as Daddy extended Monday's assignment to clamp my nipples and bring myself to the edge at 2, 3, and 4 o'clock every day for the week.  Not to mention all the other evil  various ways He found to tease and torment my mind and body. So, I was REALLY a little scared and excited about whatever play He had planned.

Finally, He came in the room, placed the bowl of dessert on the dresser, and told me to place "Kong" on the floor out in front of me and get to sucking it, reminding me to take as much in my throat as I could.  Not only is that dildo ridiculously long but it is so thick I could barely get half in my mouth.  With nothing in my view except floor and plastic cock, I heard the sound of something cutting through the air just behind me. 

Over and over again, He licked at the exposed areas of my body with the dragon tail bringing a nice sting to my ass, shoulders and pussy.  Having Kong in my mouth was a relief since it seemed to muffle the sound of my moans and yelps. The harder He struck, the more of Kong I tried to swallow. 

Next, He had me stand in display position allowing not only for easier access to my pussy but direct access to my tits and nipples as well.  I tried to stay still, really I did, but each time He just barely flicked the end of my nipples with the tip of the tail, I couldn't help but flinch and pull away.  This reaction always draws His displeasure so He kept on until I could hold my position.

Finally earning a "good girl", He told me to get "Kong", stand it up on the weight bench, and fuck it.

While straddling the bench and struggling to work the enormity of it into me,  He walked over to the dresser, picked up the bowl, and brought it back to me.  His instructions as He handed it to me were to "fuck and eat". 

If you are reading this thinking "wow...that's kind of weird", don't worry...I thought so too!

Was this just meant to be some form of humiliation or was the intended message deeper than that?

My mind wrestled with the meaning behind His command, but even more so with the dessert looming in front of me.  It really was a ridiculous amount of food that I would never eat of my own accord!

You see, the need to control my food has been a battle of mine for quite some time. It can come and go depending on my emotional stress. Never to the point of being unhealthy as it was many years ago, but it is still very much my coping mechanism. I knew my increased focus towards diet and exercise recently had not escaped His notice

I tried to explain that there was no way I could eat all of it.  His only response was, "your choice...fuck and eat, or we can continue the tit and nipple whipping".

For me, that's not much of a choice there since I despise having my tits and nipples whipped. 

I will fuck and eat, Daddy.

While I rode up and down on the dildo, feeling quite awkward stuffing a bite in my mouth every couple minutes, He dug through the toy cabinet and produced another dildo which was equally long but substantially thinner.  Despite it's narrow girth, I was convinced there was no way that was fitting anywhere as long as Kong was taking up residence in one hole.  However, after applying a little lube and leaning me forward, He managed to stuff it in, filling both holes and proving me very wrong!

What a delicious feeling as I rocked up and down and back and forth on both dildos!! 

But oh gosh, did I think I was going to throw up.  By this point, the dessert had become anything but delicious and while I may enjoy being overly stuffed with cock, I do not enjoy being overly stuffed with food.

With just a couple bites left, I couldn't do it...I had to put the bowl down.  Instead of forcing me to continue, He came over to me, with a vibrator in hand and crouched down in front of me, placing it directly on my clit working it around in circles.  He leaned in and was softly kissing my lips while His other hand slowly stroked my face.  There was a burning intensity in His eyes but such gentleness in His touch. 

As my body responded to all the stimulation, all He had to do was say the words, "cum when you are ready" and almost immediately, the shock waves ripped through my body over and over again.  

And as far as the lesson about food...we talked about that the next day and He really just wanted me to indulge for once without feeling guilty about it.         


  1. wow, this was amazingly hot! the 'eat and fuck' was - wow. So many things going on there!

  2. Wow! Sensory overload?
    I agree "eat and fuck" - wow! No other way to explain it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Haha...I agree with you all. WOW is right:)