Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Test

He warned me, but I can't say I was completely prepared for all He had planned Monday. It all began while I was at work with instructions via text message. 

Daddy:  Are you wearing a skirt of pants?

Me: Jeans

Daddy:  Are you wearing panties and bra?

Me: Yes...Sir

With Daddy's permission, this was one rule that had temporarily been put on hold.

Daddy:  Remove them.  I'll need pics to verify.

I head off to the bathroom and did as He asked, sent the pictures and got back to my desk just in time for my phone to vibrate with another text message.  Why on earth would I have thought that taking picture with my clothes on would suffice as proof? I head back to the bathroom slightly irritated and wondering if the girl sitting at the front desk thinks I am crazy for going right back to the bathroom. 

He was satisfied with the new set of pictures and asked if I had time to meet for lunch.  We sat in my office eating lunch together, but it was unusually quiet between us, not really in a bad way but just in a we are back to business sort of way.  Just before He left, I was given another set of instructions. 

This assignment would require the use of some items that are to be in my purse at all times.  Thankfully, they were actually all there!  Geez...would have hated to see what would have happened if not. 

At 2:00, I was to apply capsaicin cream to each of my nipples, clamp each with a clothespin, and bring myself just to the edge of pleasure.  I was to do the same at 3:00 and 4:00, minus the application of capsaicin.  Each time I finished, He was to be notified.  Also, I was to have my school girl outfit ready when He got home.  Not on...just ready. 

My afternoon assignment was completed without a hitch...but oh, my poor boobies.  They have not suffered much lately but they sure got a workout that afternoon.  So did the bathroom for that matter.  Again, I wondered if anyone noticed just how frequently I was disappearing, ready and armed with "my stomach is really bothering me today!" excuse.

As soon as I got home, I went ahead and laid out my outfit.  Didn't want to risk forgetting and adding punishment to His list today.

There was a bit of worry though about what He did actually have planned.  Turns worry  was pretty well founded.  After dinner, He walked upstairs and calling my attention to follow Him.  I was to put on my outfit and meet Him in the office.

I quickly changed and when I walked in, I could see the flicker of approval in His eyes but He simply asked me to sit in the chair across from Him desk.  He paced around, asking me a couple of questions that I can barely remember but it had to do with what school girls do to learn.  I fumbled around guessing at answers until He said, "They take tests" as He laid a packet of papers in front of me. 

WHAT is this I thought? 

I was expecting some sort of bend over the desk and get spanked treatment or something.  But a test?? 

Oh did it all makes sense though when I leafed through the papers.  I didn't count the pages but there were at least 6-8 of them.  Page after page, question after question about my rules, contract, names of positions, basically anything and everything He had taught me thus far about being His slave. 

Oh...that's not the worst of it though.  Then He produced the Hitachi, some rope, and a dildo.  So while sitting on the dido, with the Hitachi tied to my waist and planted firmly against my clit, I had one hour to complete the test. 


I can't even begin to tell you how difficult it was to sit across the desk from Him and actually concentrate on my answers, plus I hate to admit, but my knowledge in some respects had grown somewhat fuzzy.

The first 5 minutes were certainly the hardest, especially after being kept on the edge all afternoon.  It certainly had not escaped His notice how swollen with need I already was when He tied the Hitachi on me and turned it on high speed. 

Words and thought.. simply impossible. And each time I could feel the orgasm building, this burning sensation spread up my neck and I would break out in a sweat trying so hard to hold the waves back.  He chuckled as I resorted to fanning myself with the packet of papers.  Quite literally, I thought my eyes might pop out of my head from the building pressure.     

Really, I was so close to crying and yelling about the unfairness of it all but I didn't dare.  Eventually, numbness to the vibrating started to take over, allowing me to focus a little more on answering questions.  After about 30 minutes, He noticed that I was getting a bit raw and thankfully decided to remove the vibrator.  We sat in the quiet as I continued the next 30 minutes.

Once the hour was complete, He instructed me to stop, go get undressed, and wait for Him in the bedroom while He looked over the test.  He came into the room, with test in hand, shaking His head and said while I hadn't done terribly, I hadn't done well either.  In His estimation, my grade was somewhere in the C range, which seemed fair.  That's about what I was expecting.  Some of the questions, I had drawn a complete blank and some of the essay type questions didn't even get answered because I simply ran out of time. 

I already wrote about what happened next in my previous post, Daddy's Girl.

At this point, He could tell I was starting to crash.  The physical and mental exhaustion were settling in so we took a break and sat together drinking coffee.   

Afterwards, the rest of the evening was filled with plenty of cock worship and despite how eagerly I stroked and licked and sucked, the night ended with my desperate swollen pussy riding Him and being used only for His own release.    

Yep...pretty much back to reality as I know it. 






  1. Wow. He definitely took the bull by its balls. Have no mercy when Daddy is in charge. I don't know how you get yourself not to cum. That is impressive.

    1. Seriously...I've said before he is very much all or nothing! And He is certainly living up to the I hate when it's nothing. I feel so disconnected and lonely. But when it's all...I honestly sometimes think I get myself in over my head:)

  2. Great Post! I've started posting again. You've inspired me!

    1. Awww...thanks Special K. As always, it is great to hear from you!