Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Outstanding Business

Snuggled up in bed, His slave lies nestled against His shoulder.  Both of them are left exhausted by the demands of the weekend and disappointed by the lack of time left for each other. Master had intended and needed to use her use Her but debated with Himself as He needed sleep as well.

She takes the initiative to begin stroking Him, ever so softly, completely infatuated by the feel of His smooth skin which quickly grows tight over His cock.  Her nails lightly graze His length until she can no longer resist feeling that smoothness brush against her lips while drinking in His intoxicating, manly scent.

He turns her on her back and claims what is already His.

Whispering firmly in her ear, He admits that the demands on His time have been great and that there are certain "things" that have been neglected. 

You do understand there is a matter of outstanding business that needs to be tended to...

Her mind races, attempting to tally up all her infractions recently or ways in which she might have displeased Him.

You do understand there will be much more cock worshipping...

More training...

More maintenance... 

She knows He has been fairly undemanding of her lately and the tone of His voice fills her with a bit of fear.

But for tonight, she basks in His gentleness.


  1. eeeek! 'training' a simple word, but one that never fails to elicit a reaction in me, even when it's not my training!

    1.'s not as bad as it sounds:)

  2. ooh i liked this a lot, i do confess i love the taunts, suggestions of whats to come lol


    1. I am glad you liked it, Tori! I think I have a love/hate relationship with the