Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cat Got Your Tongue

If memory serves me correctly, clothespins were probably the first kinky and painful implement Daddy introduced me to, years ago...long before D/s even.  Oh, how they made me whimper in agony every time I felt them bite down on my nipples and then made me cry like a baby when they were removed. 

It took quite a bit of practice with them, but I have become so much better at processing that kind of pain.

Maybe they've become too easy though because the other night, Daddy took them off my nipples while having sex with me and told me to stick out my tongue.  I hesitantly parted my lips and stuck out just the tip of my tongue.

No...stick it all the way out.       

He clamped it on there good and holy cow...this was a whole different type of pain.  It was a type of pain that in no way connected to my nether regions, and I was struggling to find a way to process it.

He made it clear it wouldn't be removed until I came around His cock.  Now that certainly wasn't going to be an easy task but who wants to miss out on any opportunity to have an orgasm?

Definitely not me!  Plus the sooner I could get it off, the better!!  So I managed to block it out just enough and was so relieved to feel my tongue set free.   

I sure wish I could say that I looked all sexy like this...

But actually, I think this was probably more like it!!

Oh my gosh, the amount of drool that poured out of my mouth was RIDICULOUS and a bit embarrassing!!


  1. LOL! Some things are never as pretty as pictures make them out to be.

  2. Lol, love this post. I always feel that way with gag balls, the drool.. eee, how can you feel even slightly dignified or sexy when drooling?! lol.

    1. Precisely!! There is no sexiness in drooling:) I don't think he found it too sexy either when it started pouring out and making puddles on his!