Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dancing in the Moonlight

I am sitting here this morning, drinking my coffee and watching it storm from our patio overlooking the ocean, thankful that I didn't go out for that walk I had been contemplating.  Everyone else is still sleeping. 

It's clear that we are not going to get the alone time we need.  Hell, there isn't even any way to get complete privacy in the master bedroom here in this condo.  I don't understand...who doesn't put locks on doors??  And with the kids only a few feet away, it's just too risky.   

So my torment has continued.

But this morning, my mind keeps going back to a few stolen moments on the beach last night under the full moon.  We did manage to get out for a late night walk and Daddy told me to wear a loose fitting tank top and a wrap around my waist with no panties underneath. 

Now I would LOVE to have sex on the beach, but unfortunately, that isn't Daddy's thing.  He did, however, take a some time to clamp my nipples and clit as we stood out under the moonlight, finally getting the chance to make out like two teenagers having to sneak away from their parents. 

After taking the clamps off, He turned me around so my ass was pressed against Him and His mouth could freely roam my neck.  Telling me to spread my legs, His fingers danced around my swollen and extremely wet pussy.

As He worked my clit, getting me closer and closer, He whispered in my ear.

What are you willing to do to get your orgasm?

He stopped when I answered, "whatever you would like me to do Daddy".

I knew this wasn't the answer He was looking for.  This is a little game He plays, insisting on adding to my humiliation by making me spell out what I am willing to do. 

But I also know there are only few "right" answers to this question...

And they all scare the crap out of me because they are things, that at the moment, only exist in my fantasy world.     

So as I sit here this morning, the question becomes...how far do I willingly throw myself down the rabbit hole?



  1. If you are going to put a foot in you might as well jump in all of the way:). Just get it over with! You'll be happier once you do!

    1. I hope that's the case...that I will be happier once I do.

      I find it's much easier being in a position that you are being made to do something you find difficult. Deciding to do it and asking for it is all together different.

  2. I can appreciate your dilemma!

    Ugh, kids...I love them to pieces, but sometimes I want to scream "what about meeee?" lol

    1. Misty...I hear you! I love mine to pieces too, but they are old enough to not want or need to be around me SO much.

  3. Oh what could those few "right" answers be? It's vacation...time to make future promises for present day satisfaction. Besides, you know if you don't ask for the "right" things, they will ultimately be asked of you anyway so in a round about way you are not "willingly" going into that dark night but being skillfully guided there...:) So enjoy!! - AAF4Us

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Yours words helped me more than you know and you are so right about being guided there. It's not anything that we haven't talked about before, but I think It was His way to get me to admit that it is what I want.

  4. Does he want you to want it also or does he want you to be "willing" to do what he wants you to do? Subtle but important difference. Sometimes it's as much about having someone willingly do what they don't necessarily want to do as it is about having them really want it too...