Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Little of This...and Alot of That

Well, today was pretty much a suck fest at work...and not as in the good kind of sucking.  So, I am sitting down to enjoy a cranberry/vodka while I write this.  Hopefully it will be coherent by the end...but no promises!  The good things is, I did takes notes while we were away this weekend because I knew when I finally got around to writing about it, things would get fuzzy.

After only being in the cabin only a few short minutes, I found myself already standing completely nude in the kitchen with orders from Daddy to find the paddle and wait for Him face down and spread eagle on the bed.

If you missed my post about that darn paddle, feel free to go back and read it here.

I couldn't even begin to contain the stupid grin all over my face as I ran off to dig through the luggage and assume my position on the bed while He started cooking dinner.  He finally came in and slowly walked around the bed, now with paddle in hand and reminding me that my head shouldn't be turned to the side.  Quickly, I turn it straight and buried my face in the mattress, bracing myself for what was to come. 

First, He started by warming me up with the rubber side of the paddle.  I don't know about you but I find comfort in keeping count in my head whenever He's spanking me, not sure why but it just helps keep me focused.  Somewhere around 50, He began using the stingy wooden side and it didn't take long before I started to loose count.  As each smack grew more intense, my feet started to pull up off the bed.  He fussed at me to lay me feet down and stay still.  The paddling went on, faster and faster until I was almost breathless and my ass was most definitely on fire.

Then, He ordered me to get up and come back into the kitchen.  He disappeared for a minute, putting the steaks on the grill, while I stood there somewhat in shock and a little unsure about what He wanted me to do next.  When He came back, He told me kneel on the hard wooden floor.  I could see the bulge in His pants and instinctively knew what this meant.  So after fumbling with the zipper, I was able to free His cock and began sucking, eagerly the way He expects

After a few minutes, He sent me back to the bed to resume the same position.  I cringed as I laid down, knowing there was more paddling coming my way.  This time when He was satisfied that my bottom was properly reddened, He gave me instructions to lay on the floor in the kitchen and masturbate while He continued to cook dinner.  I really tried to get into it but it was a bit hard with Him walking around and stepping over me.  I also couldn't stop thinking that I was on a strange floor...a floor that may or may not be cleaned like my own.  I tried not to notice but got a little creeped out by the dust bunnies and cobwebs under the cabinets.  Every few minutes, He would stop and just watch.  His voice was cold and stern, "you should be working yourself harder".

Eventually, I was sent back to the bed again.  This time, not only was I face down and spread eagle but He slid the Hitachi underneath me so that it was vibrating on my very swollen and sensitive clit  while He continued with the paddle.  I did say in my previous post that I had an assignment to edge myself 100 times in the week before we left, right?  Oh yeah...I was at the point where it didn't matter what side of the paddle He was spanking me with.  It was all feeling pretty good.
But when it seemed that I might be enjoying it too much, He stopped and sent me to retrieve the clover clamps from one of the many toy bags He packed. I found the clamps and hustled back to the kitchen.  With my hands clasped behind my head, He placed them on one nipple, then the other, and had me kneel and resume sucking.  

Just when I thought He was letting me up to take the clamps off, He bent me over the bar stool on the other side of the kitchen island so that my stomach was flat across the seat of the stool and my tits, along with the weight of the clamps dangled over the other side. This was a big ouchie but oh so worth it when I heard His pants fall completely to the floor and I felt Him push himself inside me from behind.  Pulling my head back with a fist full of my hair in one of his hands, He reached around with His other hand and grabbed the chain on the clamps and tugged in the opposite direction.  It hurt like hell, and I whined and whimpered, but He growled in my ear, "this is what you wanted isn't it?"

Yes, Daddy was all I could manage to squeak out but He knew I was loving it every minute of it. Being used in the middle of the kitchen, over a bar stool nonetheless, is not a luxury we are ever afforded at home!

And then...

Just like that...

He stopped...

Leaving me a...

But Dinner was ready!!


  1. Awesome. Simply awesome. Any after pics of the spanking?

    1. Thank you anonymous! You know...everything was happening so fast that I guess we didn't even think about a picture. That would have been a great idea!!

  2. ooh that was very hot, loved it.


    1. Thanks Tori! It seems like as I write it..i'm like oh that was hot. I don't seem to appreciate that fact as much at the time:)


  3. Sounds like it was a hot time, in and out of the kitchen. Love watching a naked sub in the kitchen.

    1. It really was! Wish it could be like that more often. I love being naked in the kitchen but it's a little hard around here with 2 kids and my mother around all the time. Thanks for your comment.