Friday, August 8, 2014


Now, I have an idea of how I picture my service.  It's probably a bit unrealistic but I would love to be that graceful and elegant slave who is flawless in her service.  I want to be the woman who is collected and poised in all that she does, always the image of perfection representing her Master well in all situations.

The other night around dusk, Daddy and I were out jogging and came across a couple of deer on the trail we were on. It's not uncommon in our little corner of suburbia for deer to be out freely roaming in and around our neighborhood. These creatures are stunning and I am amazed by their grace and beauty each and every time I see them walking through the woods.  

They noticed us and bounded deeper into the woods then stopped, keeping a close eye on us as we passed by.  I commented to Daddy about how I wish I could be as graceful as these beautiful animals.
He said, "I think you are".

I laughed and asked, "Have you so quickly forgotten about the incident on the beach?...a moment you said you would never forget!"
So, let me back up a little bit.  We were out walking one morning on the beach and came across a little ravine in the sand that we could either hop across or detour around.  Honestly, I am vertically challenged so for me it would have been considered a jump.  Plus, knowing my tendency to be clumsy, I opted for the detour.

Let it be known...this actually was a well thought out and conscious decision to prevent doing something that would embarrass myself and/or Daddy.  But as we continued on Daddy picked at me for being chicken so naturally when we came back by that same spot, I just had to prove Him wrong. 

I backed up a little, to get some speed and momentum, jogged a few steps then launched myself in the air.  Just as I reached the other side of this small ravine, my foot hit the edge, sank down and sent my body flying.  I came to a crash landing on my entire right side.  It all happened so quick and I was in shock and hurting so bad, but all I could do was lay there and laugh.

How...utterly... embarrassing!!!

Of course, He was laughing too and everyone around me was trying not to laugh as they walked by.  He claims it was one of the highlights of our trip!  Let's put it this way, I fell so hard that my shoulder and hip were sore for days!

So you can see, my grace doesn't come close to rivaling that of a deer.

And Daddy decided to clarify his statement..."Well you're graceful when it matters"  


  1. Lol. I only laugh, because I can so relate. I seriously broke my toe just walking up the stairs once. I so feel the pain in this post, lol.

    Graceful when it matters as your Daddy said though, is what counts, I say. hehe

    <3 xx

  2. That was really sweet of him to say youre garceful when it matters.

    1. Thank you Raine. He does have such a way of being stern and demanding yet sweet and loving.

      By the way, I think this is the first time I have seen you comment here. I don't know if you have been following along for a while or if this was your first time but either way, thank you for stopping by:)