Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde

Thankfully, we were able to enjoy our much needed weekend away.  Despite being on pins and needles, especially the first night and getting plenty of phone calls from home, the kiddos ultimately did just fine without us there.

It was a perfect weekend, equally balanced with plenty of kink, as well as romance.  But the one thing that remained constant throughout our entire trip was Daddy's use of the paddle.  The paddle isn't something He often gets an opportunity to use because it's SO loud.  Being that we were out in the woods in a cabin alone, He was going to make use of the noisiest toy He could find.  I mean, quiet spanking implements are fine, but I think for Daddy, there is just something extra satisfying about hearing it.  And WOW... did it echo really LOUDLY inside that cabin with nothing but wood all around us!!   

I was paddled first thing each morning.

I was paddled last thing before bed each night.

I was paddled when I was on top riding Him.

And every opportunity in between.

His goal was to keep my behind a nice shade of red at all times, and I certainly think He succeeded seeing as how most of the time I couldn't sit down very easily.     

Every paddling was given with me lying face down spread eagle on the bed.  Sometimes, He had me put pillows underneath my hips to arch my ass just a little higher, making that curve under my ass just that much more accessible.

God, how I came to love and hate this damn ping-pong paddle.
The rubber side was awesome!  With each lovely thunk, I was wishing He would never stop.  And even though He was using it at almost full force, it was really just a warm-up, or an occasional break from the other, much more painful, side. 

The other side, Daddy meticulously removed all of the orange foam padding, revealing only that thin layer of wood that lies in-between.  As much as I loved the rubber covered side, that's how much I hated this side.  There was no more thunk, just a very stingy pain each and every time it landed on my ass.  Mostly, He alternated between the two different textures during each paddling as I struggled to try and figure out His pattern.  Daddy loved seeing me squirm, trying so desperately to hold still.  Sometimes, all I could do was hold my breath and wait for it to end.

But what I loved most was looking up every time He was finished and seeing that raging hard-on! 

Not that it will happen now that we are home, back in the real-world, but we agreed that we could certainly get used to starting and ending each day like this!




  1. That's quite a bit of paddling and the rubber side does look nicer :)

    1. Yeah...there was really no comparison! The damn wood smarted something awful!

  2. Oh wow. Sounds like a very titillating experience...and a bit painful. Ouch! My buttcheeks are cringing thinking about the wooden side of that paddle! I hope you are able to sit down more easily now! :)


    1. Hi Tomsrose. Glad to see you back in the blog world! Yeah...I wouldn't be hurt in the slightest if somehow that paddle met an early demise:) The good thing is...while painful, it didn't leave any long lasting marks and seemed to heal up pretty quick.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Hugs to you too xo