Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's Love Got to Do With It

It seems that I am only four days behind in getting my March Q & A Month started, so first things first.

Heron and I want to invite any and all questions from our readers, even those of you that prefer to follow along silently or remain anonymous.  If you don't feel comfortable posting comments here on the blog, please send me a personal message. I will be sure to keep your identity confidential when I post my response.

So...what the heck...I'm going to go ahead and kick off things off with a question I received from appy in response to one of my recent posts.  It wasn't officially part of the Q & A but it was a such great question that it even inspired Heron to answer, which is such a rarity that I wanted to repost for anyone who might have missed it.

Can you understand why it makes H happy to give you so much pain? I think when you love somebody you want to give her pleasure, not pain. I hope you or H will explain it to me.

It's an interesting question. From a psychological perspective, I'm sure theories abound on why I am the way I am. I, however, will not psychoanalyze myself.

I do what I do merely because I am wired that way.

My love for littlegirl is all encompassing...I would die for her without hesitation. My love is question. She knows this. Which is why she submits her body to me - My own personal canvas.

To ask why I am the way I am, would be to ask why two men view a guitar in different lights. One picks it up and begins to strum a classical piece and the other just wants to hear the fucker scream.

Because of what I do, I must pay very close attention to her body. Her breathing patterns, every gasp and moan, her arousal (and yes it does happen), every bead of sweat, all mean something. They are the notes that I play and sometimes I just want to hear it scream.

Her pain feeds the beast inside. It also arouses her so, but I very much aware of her limits. I am aroused by pushing her, teasing her and testing her.

It is presumptuous at best to say that what I do, I view it as art. But humor me for a moment.

My wife can attest that I pay just as much attention to setting up the scene. Things must be framed just so, the lighting just right, the right music in the background. Her response is very much a part of my scene. The wrong response (when I've pushed too far) is not what I'm looking for.

Going back to the idea of the canvas. Her body is own personal canvas.

I paint the only way I know how.




  1. Hi lg, given I asked if you were taking questions it is only appropriate that I ask some.

    A two part question for you or both of you if H wants to respond.

    After two years into this new dynamic in your relationship did you think you would be where you are now? And secondly where do you see yourself in another two years?

  2. Hi lg. My questions is a basic that has been asked frequently to other bloggers, but I don't see that anyone has asked you yet. Who are the people in your regular life (outside bloggland) that know the intimate details of your relationship with your husband? Do you play with others, and if so who and in what capacity.

    Love your blog ... but you already knew that!



  3. Thank you both for your questions. I am working on those and will probably get that posted tomorrow!!