Saturday, July 13, 2013

Memories of a Night With Master's New Toy: The Violet Wand

I knew this week would be crazy and it certainly didn't disappoint.  Everyone was home and family life was back to normal...maybe even a little crazier than usual, hence my inability to put together a blog post all week.

Unfortunately, in a the craziness, I slipped on a couple of chores and forgot to properly greet Master as He came in from work one day in particular.  A sincere apology and a punishment with a fly swatter on my ass and nipples quickly reminded me of my place.

Other than that, not much to report so I thought I would reminisce about my first experience with Master's new toy...the Violet Wand!

Just before the end of our "official" training period, Master introduced me this new toy of His.  I cringed with nervousness as He pulled it out of the box with almost giddy delight, like a little boy at Christmas!  A few days later, with me lying on the bed, He testing it out starting at the lowest intensity and slowly increasing, really just getting a feel for how it worked and judging my reactions to the different intensities on different areas of my body.  It also comes with several different attachments, some definitely delivering a more of a zap than others. 

Just a hint...smaller tip = more intense!  At least I think so. 

He found it pretty funny watching me jump, flinch, and squeal every single time He touched my skin or waved it over my body.  I lay there thinking, how was this was going to be erotic at all?  The sound that it was emitting reminded me of the blue bug zapper that hangs outside and I could actually smell the electricity!  On the other hand, He thoroughly enjoyed watching the purple light and was fascinated to watch as the tiny little bolt of electricity reached into the air and connected with my skin.

Moving on to the night I was collared....

In my post, Collaring of Nightbird, I made reference to my favorite part of being strapped to the massage table and experiencing one of the most amazing orgasms with a combination of different things.  Well, the grand finale of this 3 hour "Attack of the Senses" session was quite intense.  With both of my arms and legs spread and strapped down, Master brought the fucking machine and placed it on the table between my legs.  With the largest (and my most favorite dildo attachment I should add), He positioned it and turned it on so that it was slowly sliding in and out of me.  The Hitachi, which had been strapped to an adjustable microphone stand, was brought over and He made sure that it was driving me crazy by humming directly on my clit.  Oh....Oh....I was already in heaven but it gets better!

He pulls out the TENS unit and has a little fun with it shocking first my tits and then the areas around my pussy (which will lead me to my next post...LOL!). 

Now, He is ready to incorporate the Violet Wand for the first time into one of our play sessions.  I am not sure why this little gadget is so intimidating to me but it is.  Again, as He waves it all over my body, I jump and squeal, but after a while of tormenting me He focuses the wand all around my pussy...up around the top portion near my tattoos and even around the opening of my pussy and around to my ass.  Laying there, trying to figure out what this sensation reminded me of, I finally determined it felt almost like getting tattooed and oddly this helped me to relax.  Weird...huh?

He doesn't let up at all, just keeps waving the wand in circular motions all around the lower portion of my body and the pain began to meld and intensify the pleasure of the fucking machine and Hitachi.  I thought my entire body was about to short circuit as I could feel the almost blinding orgasm that was making it's way to the surface.  When I finally let it go, it is likely that anyone standing outside on our street probably hear the animalistic moans and screams coming out of me.  I can't recall ever making any such sounds! 

Ah, what a great night and I am certainly no longer intimidated by that little purple light:)


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