Monday, July 15, 2013

What NOT to do with a TENS Unit!!

In my last post, Memories of a Night with Master's New Toy, I just briefly mentioned the TENS unit.  Well.........let's just say I left out the details for a reason.  I really could only do it justice by dedicating an entire post on the experience!!

I have read accounts of mid-scene blooper moments and quite frankly was a little jealous that I didn't seem to have something in all of our time together to contribute.  I guess, give it long enough and something is bound to happen. 

In the midst of the fucking machine and Hitachi scene, Master thought that it was quite funny to light me up with the TENS by placing them very strategically close to my pussy and increasing the voltage until I was yelping and jumping all over the table.  He really was laughing at me!!  Pretty sadistic if you ask me:)

That is until He decided it was time to move on to the Violet Wand, but in His excitement forgot to turn the TENS unit OFF before removing the pads from my body.  Boy...did He get a SURPRISE!! 

Then it was I, while strapped to a massage table, who couldn't stop laughing when He first yelled, "GOD DAMMIT!!" as the electricity coursed through His hand and then cussed Himself for being a "FUCKING IDIOT" (His quote...not mine)

This was a Master's lesson learned.  HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

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