Saturday, July 27, 2013

Preparations for a Scene

More often than not...there is no time to prepare.  Typically, our only time together is a few stolen moments at the end of a long day. 

But on the rare occasion that I do have time, I like to make sure that everything about me is pleasing to all of His senses (most importantly...sight, smell, touch).

Starting with a long hot shower, I will see that every part of me is clean and smooth.  I wash and condition my hair and then take my time shaving as Master is not fond of any hair on my body...well except on my arms and on my head.  A new trick I learned recently is to use coconut oil instead of shaving cream.  Strangely enough, it can be found in the health food section at the grocery store and comes in solid form.  While in the shower, the warm water and steam will cause it to liquefy.  Pouring a little out in my hand, I use it as if it was shaving cream.  Not only does it help the razor to glide so gently without leaving any irritation, but it also leaves my skin so silky smooth even after my shower.

It is a well known fact that the scent of vanilla is an aphrodisiac for many men.  Studies have proven that this scent is the one that arouses men most!  My Master is no exception to this rule so I make sure that my shower is always stocked with plenty of vanilla scented body wash. 

There is nothing hotter than having Him walk up to me, put His nose to my neck and drink in my smell like a wild wolf.  Oh...the crazy look He gets in His eyes makes my tingly in my stomach.

Anyways, the body wash is perfect because it isn't such an overpowering scent and leaves just the right amount after washing it off.  I make sure to lather my entire body, and sometimes if I am really trying to get into the right head space, I will lather again.

Focusing on nothing except that my body is being prepared for His use and pleasure, my time spent showering is my pre-scene "meditation" so to speak.

As I get out of the shower, I dry off and stay completely naked until the scene is to start.  The feel of the cool air touching all of my most sensitive spots is just so erotic to me.

I will usually ask Him before I start preparations, how He wishes my to see my hair.  Sometimes it is down but typically He requests it to be up and out of the way so He has better access to my neck and shoulders.  He loves when I sweep my hair to the side and just do a single braid draping over my shoulder.  Sometimes, if I am feeling extra playful, pig tails will be the choice.  We aren't into age play, but there is something about pig tails that just makes me feel like a sweet helpless little slave and I love seeing the little crooked grin He gets when I surprise Him in this way. 

Next is my makeup, which I work on to perfection.  The way I see it, my makeup is going to run off my face if and when I start to cry but that is what He loves to see...mascara running in little streams down my cheeks and painted on my face as the tears dry.  Bright red whore's lipstick and big hoop earrings are also a must have for Him.

As I do my hair and makeup, naked in front of the mirror, I soak in what I see.  My body...His body...accepting myself with the flaws I see whether they are physical or mental.  I no longer linger in the doubt and self-consciousness anymore.  This is His body and my only responsibility in this moment is to focus my mind on the anticipation being what He needs me to be and opening myself up to moment our souls connect in the most vulnerable and intimate of ways.

So you see, preparing for a scene is a time for you to perform the physical preparations for your body that will appeal to your Dom's senses   I use my body in any way to drive Master wild and induce pleasure whether it be sexually, mentally, or sensory. But more importantly, it is about connecting with your own spirit. 

It is when I am in this head space....I find the deepest connection with my Master.

Just a couple of other little hints:

Make sure you are well rested
Don't forget to hydrate with water throughout the day...not just before the scene
I prefer to eat just a little something light about an hour before (trail mix is a personal favorite)   


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