Thursday, August 1, 2013

Never Forget the Hairbrush or Ruler

Yesterday, after spending several sexually frustrating days out of town on our family vacation, we are driving home and can't even carry on an adult conversation with the little ears in the back seat listening to every word we say. 

As I am sitting in the passenger seat gazing off in the distance, my phone vibrates and Master had just sent me a text...from the driver's seat.  It reads, "get a pen and paper and in 1 minute name 10 different things that you can be paddled with, not including things like floggers, switches, crops". 

I find my pen and paper and quickly start trying to come up with my list.  Quite obviously my memory, or imagination. is still on vacation because I can only come up with about five things. 

Now, in my defense, I would actually like to blame it on the fact that even just in that one minute, my youngest daughter asked me at least two different questions, completely disrupting my concentration. 

Nonetheless, Master was not pleased with my incomplete list and quickly reminded me of the two that I never should have forgotten, especially since one of them I am required to carry in my purse at all times. 

When we got home and settled in, not only did I get a thorough spanking with each of the first 5 implements on the list below, but He set aside a special spanking later in the evening for two very specific ones I had forgotten. 

So, my suggestion is...if you ever find yourself trapped in a car with your very sexually frustrated sadistic Dom, and are asked to provide a list of padding implements, please pay very close attention to the following list:

1) Wooden Spoon - Balsa
2) Wooden Spoon - Bamboo
3) Slotted Wooden Spoon
4) Thick Heavy Slotted Spoon - This thing is very heavy and about 1 inch thick. 
5) Spatula
6) Ping Pong Paddle
7) Flip Flop
8) Leather Paddle

Never...ever...forget the RULER or the HAIBRUSH!! 

Unless waking up with a bruised ass is your thing!!


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