Friday, August 30, 2013

Sir...Please Don't Make Me Cum Again!!

Who would even consider saying this?  Apparently, that would be me!  One would think as much as I am built up into a sexual frenzy and denied orgasm for days on end, I would be all too happy to enjoy orgasms as long as they are free for the taking, but frankly I find that too much of a good thing can be just as frustrating.

Over and over again the last few days, I have been tasked to masturbate to orgasm.  The first day was seven, the next day was nine.  Thankfully, so far today has only been two but the day is not over!

I am not always easy to orgasm and am definitely not one of those types of women that can cum and then cum again right away.  Mine are really powerful and then I have to give it a rest for a few minutes or it gets extremely over-sensitive.

On Wednesday, when He first gave me my assignment, I thought...oh this isn't too bad.  I hadn't had much in the way of sex or orgasms lately so I was happy that my constant state of horniness was finally going to be cured!! 

I get to work and sneak away at the times Master designated with my vibrator and take care of my naughty business in bathroom stall, hoping that the humming stayed within the walls of the bathroom but not entirely caring either.  Ahhhh...finally some relief as I blissfully vibrate myself to orgasm four times before the end of the work day. 

The fucking machine and Hitachi helped me along with the next few later on that night when Master could enjoy watching me pleasure myself.  Barely able to think coherently for a good portion of the day, I collapsed in bed late that night completely exhausted but sated.  I did fall short of Master's goal by one, but He wasn't too upset because He knew how hard I tried.  

The next morning, I got to work and sent Master my usual "good morning" email when the unexpected reply came in, "I expect 2 before lunch".  I just stared at the computer for a moment thinking "Oh God, not again today!" 

Now each time I sneak away, I am pretty convinced that people in my office either know what I am up to or they think I have one hell of a bad stomach with as much time as I am spending in the bathroom.  With the help of my overworked vibrator and a couple of fingers, I manage the first two in the morning only to be told to do two more after lunch.  Geez...this was like pulling teeth, but thankfully, some pretty wild girl on girl fantasies did the trick. 

With the biggest fattest twat imaginable, I could barely feel a thing anymore but that didn't stop Him from ordering another as soon as I got home from work.  I will admit, I was pretty darn thankful to just not be doing it in the bathroom stall again.  As I walked into my bedroom, I saw the wooden spoon, from the kitchen, sitting on the bathroom counter, apparently left from a previous spanking.  "Hmmm" I think to myself, "maybe a little more stimulation is what I need to get my motor going again".  Some light tapping on my clit, along with the Hitachi, did wonders in no time and was the quickest one all day!! 

Only four more to go that night, which Master requested to watch as He worked out.  This called for all the artillery...Hitachi, bullet vibrator, butt plug, dildo, wooden spoon.  It was no easy task but nine completed by the end of the day!  Now I know why the phrase "cum your brains out"...because I certainly didn't have a thought in my head for almost two whole days.

Before going to bed last night, I very nicely asked, "Please, Master, please can I have a break tomorrow".

Sure", He said.  "Just one in the morning and you can have a break the rest of the day".  What He failed to mention was that only meant I could have a break during the workday!  Since I am now at two for today, I realize my work here is not done. 



  1. Your journey is funny. There are few bumps on the road but you enjoy it, nevertheless.

    1. I do enjoy it. It's important that there be time for seriousness, as well as fun!!

  2. Wow... Going from last week to this sounds so intense. You are very well trained to endure all of this. I too do not necessarily cum easily... Not sure that would even be possible for me. That is pretty amazing though

    1. Well...I won't lie to you. Sometimes I don't handle it so well. Yesterday was one of those days. That's when it's important for me to write. It allows me to gain some perspective and then things look a lot different in the morning:) It does have a lot to do with my training but it is very much about learning self-control. I have to work hard to reign my mind in. Us girls are great at letting our thinking brain get the best of us.