Sunday, September 1, 2013


Waiting for acknowledgement as He walks through the room.

Waiting for the feeling of His strong body wrapped around mine in a hug as our paths cross in the stairwell.

Waiting for a gentle, or not so gentle, love pat as I am preparing dinner.

Waiting for His touch of affection as I sit on the floor while He watches TV.

Waiting for His hands to be locked in my hair as He kisses me like He has to have me NOW.

Waiting for Him to use this body that He owns for His own sadistic and sexual needs.

For me, nothing replaces the need for His attention, affection, and touch. 

It's no secret that I struggle with my own selfish desires, fighting the doubt that eventually attempts to invade my mind.

"Maybe if I do everything perfectly He will see fit to reward me."

"Maybe He doesn't want me."

Maybe this...maybe that!  But these are all really non-constructive thoughts!

As His slave, I am only to wait...because it all happens in His time.



  1. I wander though if waiting heightens the need?, or rather it does for me.


    1. I believe you are absolutely right. I just have to remind myself of this often. Thanks for your insight:)