Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Today's Lunch Special: Warm Buns!

Since Master and I only work about 10 minutes from each other, we meet for lunch almost every day.  This has pretty much become a ritual for us since developing our D/s relationship.  For years, we worked close together but both of us content to exist in our separate little worlds and spend our lunch breaks with co-workers. 

Now, it's become this special part of our day to re-connect, talk, and just enjoy some alone time which is so very rare for us.  Some days we visit our favorite restaurant, some days he eats at my office or I eat at His, and sometimes we take our food and sit in the car at the park just down the road.

Today I heated our food and He picked me up, only this time we ended up not at the park but at the parking deck behind His office.  Hmmm...I thought.  This was suspicious.  We usually don't fool around during lunch...just not enough time and never a private enough spot.  I would soon find our today would be different!

We have both been at our wits end the last month or so.  Life has been really busy and thrown us a few curve balls recently, leaving us with too little time together, almost no play time, and certainly not enough sex.  Honestly, I think we both suffered a severe "drop" after having the two weeks alone together over the summer and are still struggling to recover.  Not being able to have that time and connection on a more regular basis has kept us both completely frustrated.

Anyways, I digress.

We both finish eating our food and He moves the car into the fairly deserted parking deck and pulls into a space in a dimly lit corner.  Immediately, He says "take off your clothes now!"  I feel my heart skip a beat and the little flip flop in my stomach as I quickly slide my heels off, unbutton my blouse, and slip out of my skirt.  Undressing is so much easier when you don't have a bra and underwear to deal with:)

He asks me for the hairbrush that is supposed to be in my purse at all times and tells me to move to back seat of the super duper pimp mobile, otherwise known as a mini-van. least it has tinted windows! 

He already has the middle seats down in the stow-and-go compartments so there is plenty of room as I make my way to the bench seat in the back.  He also climbs into the back and sits down in the middle of the seat.  Without any hesitation, He tells me to lay across His lap and I now understand His intention.  I lay my completely naked body across His suit pants and a little spasm ripples down my legs when I hear Him say, "I need this as much as you do".

Alternating between cheeks, each blow of the unforgiving plastic hairbrush lands with a thud on my ass delivering a sting so intense I can't force myself to relax.  He realizes that my body is fighting  "letting go" so He continues to paddle me faster and harder, coaxing and whispering "just let it go".   I lost count, but my best guess it that somewhere around 100 is when the tears began to well up and spill down my face one by one.  He continues until a steady stream was flowing.      

He pulls me up and into His lap, kissing me and fondling my body with one hand and pulling fistfuls of my hair with the other. My body can't help but respond to His frenzy and feeling the firmness bulging through His pants, I kneel down at His feet, unzip His pants, and free His cock so I can take it in mouth.

After several minutes of feeling like we are crazy kids again and can't keep our hands off each other, He decides it best if we save the rest for the evening so I get dressed, straighten my hair, and wipe the mascara stains from my face. 

Riding back to the office, my thoughts drift to how amazing that something so simple as a spanking re-centers you and puts your world back into a certain harmony and balance. 

With a smile on my face, I return to my work day quite stress-free and peaceful. 

He, on the other hand, was definitely suffering from a nice case of blue balls.  


  1. "super duper pimp mobile, otherwise known as a mini-van"... Bahahahaha

    Nothing like a good surprise to get the heart going!

    1. Mini van, so uncool but hey, I guess we take what we can get:)

    2. I actually wouldn't mind having a van; look how handy in came in for you :)

  2. Sir and i have a lot of car fun. i really have come to love it as it feels like we are in our own little bubble away from reality. Of course, my pimp mobile is not a mini van, but we make great use of it. Sad, i didn't get fucked in a vehicle until i was 36 yrs old. i missed out so much in my younger years.

    So happy you two doing a way to reconnect. Sounds like lunch maybe more satisfying in days to come.

    1. Sorry to hear that you didn't experience car sex until later. I am almost a little embarrassed to admit that is where my sex life started and I continue to find myself still there on occasion...LOL:)