Friday, September 13, 2013

Ladies Night Out

The kinky ladies were getting together for dinner last night.  This is a wonderful group of ladies from all around our city that get together once a month and usually enjoy Sunday brunch together.  This was to be the first "Ladies Night Out". 

After spending 9 hours at work and fighting traffic both ways, I just wasn't feeling it.  Well, to be honest, I hadn't been feeling a whole lot of anything except stress this week so I had already made up my mind, I was sitting this one out.   

Then I sat there in the car on the way home from work thinking this is exactly what's wrong with me!  I am just full of excuses! 

So, I called my husband and explained my quandary.  I really wanted to go but was tired and didn't feel like I could break out of "mommy mode" with all the stuff going on right now. 

"That is exactly why you need to go.  I can handle things at home.  You go have a good time", He said.

Somehow hearing His words made all the difference.  I thanked Him for encouraging me and was already excited as I hung up the phone.      

I got home, jumped in the shower, and ran out the door to go meet the ladies. 

Talking, laughing, sharing food, and sipping on a martini was most definitely what I needed.  It's amazing how reenergizing it is to just get away for a couple of hours!   

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