Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mission Impossible

So, I mentioned in a post earlier this week that I was assigned a task. 

FIFTY orgasms by the end of Sunday!  

Well, Master and I don't really see eye to eye on the exact end time.  When He presented the task, I was sure He said by the end of Sunday.  He claims to not have specified a time. 

At the beginning of the week, I was knocking them out, no problem.  By Wednesday, things started to slow down ALOT!  Work was beyond stressful the whole rest of the week and I got further and further behind, each day thinking that I could make them up the next day.

Last night while out at dinner, Master asked how many I had left.  I told Him 24 but that I was sure I could finish before the end of the weekend.  He wasn't convinced.  A couple times I tried to explain how hard it's been but His only answer was "It's not my problem". 

I had hoped to take care of some of my business when we got home from dinner but He ordered me to go to bed because I looked so exhausted.  I know I needed the rest but I hated to lose that time.

Needless to say, today I have been busy.  The day's count is 13 for a grand total of 39.  I can assure you my Hitachi was pretty close to overheating and catching fire is my pussy!!

Now, I will share with you a few special requirements included in this assignment:

1) One orgasm was to be done while parked on the side of the expressway

Took care of that one today.  I found a safe place to pull over while driving to the hair salon.  I shimmied my shorts down just enough to get the vibrator on my clit and got it done.  I was sitting pretty high in a truck so I wasn't concerned about anyone actually driving by and seeing what I was doing, only that a passerby may think that I needed help and come render aid.  Luckily, that didn't happen.  It was quite intoxicating being out in the open, secretly performing such a dirty deed.

2) One orgasm was to be done in a department store. 

Tried this one also today but no luck.  I spent an hour walking around K Mart trying to figure out how to accomplish this without being seen.  After realizing that there was no way to hide amongst the aisles, I settled for sitting down at the blood pressure machine in a less occupied area of the store.  I had a sweater over my lap, but after the 5 orgasms that I had already had earlier today, it just wasn't happening. 

3) One orgasm was to be in front of someone else.

Uuuuhhhh....yeah?  Not even sure where to start with this one. 

Mission impossible is down to the wire...

I may be completely exhausted and numb...But I'm still hopeful for 50.

As far as the rest of my special requirements, not so hopeful (particularly #3).  I have no idea what the punishment will be for failure in any part of this assignment. Guess we will have to wait and see. 

Well, no more time to write.  I either have to fit in some more tonight or get my rest for an early start tomorrow!


  1. do you know another sub who you can face time and accomplish #3? i'll answer, but will just drink my choice and read my book until I hear you say, "im done"..haha (the things we will do to help a fellow sub not get punished.)

    i found out quickly, the more i masturbate in a day, the longer it takes to tealease. He ordered me one day that i must masturbate, with no cumming, before I peed. i drink a lot of water, so pee a lot. That day i was out with my kids. Four establishment's restrooms were visited by me. Of course, i had to tell Him about them. By the end of the day it was taking me forever to get to that point of almost (which was where He wanted me to take myself) ...i was so "excited" i would have thought i would have released the moment i touched myself -nope!

    Good luck. You can do it. :)

    1. Here's the main problem with #3...I've never done that before in front of anyone else except Him so I don't see it happening this way. I guess I will take whatever the punishment is for that part and possibly #2. Should have done #2 before the last day and it would have been easier. Quite honestly, the way I feel this morning, not sure if I am going to make the 50 either. It hurts down there!

      I don't like that Dom creed either. He didn't start saying that till fairly recently. Grrrrrr! I have read about it in some if your posts as well.

      Thanks for the support. I am sure I will have an update later today or tomorrow.

    2. Haha! I guess it was too early when I read you comment this morning. Just realized what you were saying about reading and drinking. Guess I'm pretty slow:)

  2. btw, "it's not my problem".... i very much dislike that Dom creed.

  3. The best of luck, with the department store....changing rooms! lol


    1. Tori,

      I wish it was as simple a doing it in the dressing room. He said NO to that. Believe me...I asked:)

  4. Yikes! Hope you made it happen!

    If anything you should get an A for effort.

    1. I didn't think it would be so difficult but I did give it a good try:)