Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Look into My Master's Mind

A little while back I posted "Crossroads: A Night of Riding the Cross Part I and Part II".  This was probably, by far, the most intense session we have shared to date.

After I completed my written account, I asked if He would consider doing the same.  We had never talked much about what He thinks and feels during a session, and I finally needed to know.   

I always knew He was an excellent writer but what I got was so much more!  I am completely blown away each and every time I read this.  It is a beautiful reminder of why I have chosen to completely surrender to Him.

He posted this a couple months ago on Fetlife and gave me permission to post it here as well.

Her body is covered in marks. My marks...

Her breasts, nipples, stomach and pussy had been kissed softly, teased by the leather. The blows began as tender and soft as a lover's caress. The lash was a snake's tongue flicking, licking over every inch of her, teasing her skin and tasting her, slowly building in intensity until she was moaning softly. Sometimes the soft lashes licked at her nipples and other times brushed the folds of her sex, then trailing softly across her stomach, before once again caressing her tits. Her body responded in kind as she arched herself in desperate need. She craved, to feel the lash's next caress.

I could only marvel at her beauty and the beast inside me shook, eager to escape. The beast is the very essence of me, of what I am. It is that which takes over and guides me when she is like this...naked, bound and trembling. The beast recognized her helplessness, her desire, and her passion. She looked up at me, straining towards me, a wanton slut. Her delicate frame struck a seductive pose on the cross, teasing me. The beast strained at the leash, raging to get out. I set it free!

The heavy flogger began its work and the gentle flicks of the snake's tongue turned to the bites of the beast. As the flogger struck with a mind of its own, the beast was finally unleashed. She groaned helplessly as the lashes bit at her and what was once pleasurable had soon began to test her limits. She cried out as the cruel blows struck at her tits and bit at her nipples. Over and over blows landed until she could only sob in agony and yet she still continued to offer up her body, testing both her limits...and mine.

Breathing heavily, I stared at her form. Welts were on her tits, across her stomach, her thighs, and the mound of her pussy. I only watched, satisfied for the moment. Her body hung limp as she sobbed.

Then I smelled her, or at least the beast did. The scent that only she has...her shampoo, vanilla from her body-wash mingling with her sweat. When I am near her, it is a scent that drives me, and the beast within, wild. Her smell caused my heart to pound and my eyes opened wide, like I've taken a hit of an exotic drug. The beast lunged forward hungrily and I brought the lash up to work her over again.

She hung limply from the cross, eyes glazed. Her beautiful body glistened with sweat, reflecting the candlelight. Her body shook softly as she sobbed. Her tears trailed down her face, her mascara running like new paint in the rain.

I lowered her from the cross carefully and cradled her in my arms. I traced the tears on her face with kisses. I held her tight, giving her time to come down. I stared at her and whispered "I love you."

She kissed me and whispered back, "I love you."

Finally, I guided her eyes to mine. I stared at her, lost in her gaze. I may own her, but she owns my soul, you see.

Sated, the beast within me slumbered, if only for a little while.


  1. What a beautiful gift from your Master.

    1. Awww...thank you:) It's funny...we've been together 20 years. Lots of love letters but I think this meant the most to me of them all.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Betty. I do feel like a lucky girl!

  3. Wow. Your Master is a great writer. So glad that he shared this.

    1. He is but it's rare that he shares so that makes it extra special:)

  4. Wow! Just wow!
    Thanks for sharing and giving us an account from the other side.

    1. Thanks DF! see into their mind is a rare opportunity.