Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Crossroads": A Night of Riding the Cross (Part II)

For the third time, I was strapped to the cross.  This time facing forward again.  I didn't know how much more I could take if it involved my tits but was quite relieved when Master assured me He wasn't flogging them.  With the blindfold again placed over my eyes, the room is quiet and then I hear the buzzing of a familiar friend...the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Instantly I think, "Oh thank God...this is the good part". 

Well, all I can say is at least I wasn't getting whipped because in the end I cried just as I had the first two times I was on the cross.

With the stand mounted Hitachi, He begins to torment my pussy by turning it on and allowing me to get close to an orgasm and then turning it off leaving my hips thrusting forward begging for more and continued with this until I was almost insane with need.  All goes quiet for a moment and I hear the familiar sound of the clover clamps.  "That's right" thinking to myself...he didn't promise no clamps. 
On my already battered and tender nipples, He attaches each of the clamps both biting into my flesh almost more than I can bear at this point.  But magically, as soon as He turns the Hitachi back on, it's as if I can't feel any pain in my nipples anymore, only the throbbing need between my legs consumes me.  Again, He tortures me by turning it off each time my orgasm builds.  Now, Master begins adding weight to the chain on the clamps.  With the Hitachi running, He adds a weight so I can't feel it, then as my body assumes that familiar arch so close to releasing turns the vibrator off allowing the pain to flood back to my nipples.  One by one, He continues in this manner until my tears begin to flow out from under my blindfold but not from pain this time...from a complete and desperate need that would not be satisfied.  After removing all the weights and clamps, I am again removed from the cross and directed to my water bowl. 

Almost too shaken at this point to drink any water, He sits down in front of me again, kisses me, and explains that this is the final time I will be on the cross should I so chose.  However, if I chose this final round, I will step up to the cross and beg Him to be strap me on and whip my tits. 

"OH...MY...GOD...He has to be kidding me" was my first thought.  The look in His eyes told me He wasn't.  However, the battle that played out in my mind lasted only a couple of minutes. 

I had come this far. 

I wanted so badly to please Him. 

I trusted Him to only take me as far as I could handle.

I muster the strength to assume my position at the cross.  As I stand there, I look at Him and smile.  "Master...will you please strap me to the cross and I am begging you to whip my tits". 

This time, without the blindfold, He walks to me with the heavy flogger and begins to lightly lash across my stomach first.  It's not often, I get to see Him working.  With just the hint of a grin on His face, He is so handsome and consumed in what He is doing...I can't help but fall in love a little more right now.  It's obvious, He is being easier than earlier but my skin is already on fire.  As He moves to my tits, I pull against the restraints and cry out as He reminds me to breathe.  Finally, He tells me only two more, one on each nipple and I am to thank Him for each.  Staring directly into His eyes as a reminder to myself of why I can endure this,  the flogger lands on my right nipple, and despite the searing pain, I find myself choking out the words, "THANK YOU MASTER FOR WHIPPING MY NIPPLE!".  And the same follows for the left.  Relief floods though me as He unstraps me and pulls me into His arms.  I can feel how turned on He is and He is kissing me so hard and passionately, my body just melts against Him. 

I love being everything He needs me to be...that is where I find my happiness.     

His sexual craving will be satisfied later that night after I have recovered some of my strength but I will be left wanting yet again.  As I said at the start of Part I, today was only the first of many "tests" over the next few days.

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