Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Being MY Master's Slave

What does being a slave look like in my relationship?

Surrendering to His will in all things.

This does not mean that I don't have control of certain aspects of my life but He has decided what I am in control of and what I am not.  Amazingly, this has stilled the inner rage and turmoil that I have carried for so long. 

My fulfillment is in seeing Him happy...happy with us and happy with me.

We spent almost 20 years together without me really knowing how to make him happy.  If I am completely honest, I probably didn't care too much.  I was too focused on my own thoughts and feelings.

Even though we have so much going on in our life at any given moment, I put His needs above everything else.

If He wants a drink, I get it.  If He wants His feet rubbed, I do it.  If He wants to use any part of my body for His own pleasure, well, it is His to do with as He likes.

Being respectful and humble to Him and others around me.

My attitude and demeanor is always a direct reflection of His training and guidance.  I conduct myself in a way that brings pride to Him. 

Never telling Him "NO", "I CAN'T", or "I DON'T WANT TO".

Enough said:)

Taking accountability when I have displeased Him.

I do not intentionally make mistakes.  The penalty for that would be way too high.  My goal is to always be the best slave possible for Him.  However, I am human and don't claim to be perfect.  Rather than argue and make excuses for my failure, I have learned to admit it, apologize, and accept whatever punishment He deems necessary, whether physical and/or mental. 

Trusting that His direction and discipline will feed and strengthen my service...continually keeping the pathway open for full communication and a deeper connection and intimacy between us.

The only limits between us are those that He establishes.  He is well aware of any limits and inhibitions of mine, and takes great responsibility with pushing my boundaries to a point that He is comfortable.  While it is always my responsibility to disclose my thoughts and feelings, I must acknowledge when I have said enough and do what is asked regardless of how I may feel.

Taking pride in being His "property".

I unconditionally accept anything Master may chose to do with me.  In doing so, He will see that my needs of safety and well-being are met, my life enriched, and I will be bound to Him through His love and desire.


  1. These are the tenets of the perfect slave. How difficult do you find it to live by these?

    1. Hi Ken! To answer your question, I actually find it fairly easy now. I fought it in the beginning during the adjustment phase but correction helped with that. My will to please ultimately is stronger than my will to have control. Thanks for your question!