Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Countdown is ON!

So two more days, and we will be kid free for 2 whole weeks.  Fingers crossed nothing goes wrong, or no matter how far away you may be, you will hear me sobbing my eyeballs out:) 

I know Master has planned a some really intense scenes for our time here at home alone together and I am certainly looking forward to not worrying about being interrupted or making too much noise.  Plus, we are going camping, so here's hoping for some outside scenes and sex!! 

But most of all, I am looking forward to spending plenty of one on one quality time together fishing on the lake, hiking, and doing whatever else we want to do. 

Things continue to be fairly quiet here.  We really have only had a few minutes here and there for a couple of very short scenes lately and I do mean short.  I compared it today to watching the trailer of a really good movie.  Just waiting now for the movie to start. 

This past weekend, Master and I attended our first event together which was FUN!  And we went with some new friends so it made the awkwardness of walking into somewhere you have never been before...not so awkward.  We were actually attending a demo on whips.  I admit, I have never been interested in this whatsoever, but I soon as I heard the snap of the whips in the air, I was fascinated. 

After asking the instructor how much they hurt, he demonstrated first on his wife and offered to demonstrate on me.  Of course, I asked Master first and with His permission, the instructor showed me they don't have to hurt at all or they can hurt as much as you like.  Standing with my arm outstretched, he moved about 8 feet away and was able to wrap the end of the whip around my wrist without it hurting a bit...incredible!  He even wrapped it once around my hips which felt pretty sexy.  He then told me to turn my palm downwards and showed how just a gentle snap can deliver a nice little sting.  I was amazed he never missed the intended target!  And I admit...it was really HOT!  

I don't think this is anything that my Master is interested in learning and that's OK.  Just experiencing it was fun.  I am so thankful that He is secure enough to allow, and even encourage, me to experiment with other things and for being there to be a part of it with me.

Hopefully, the next couple of weeks, I will be able to make up for my lack of post recently.  If I know my Master, then I am sure the scenes will be designed to fully test my will and boundaries.  I look forward to it with anticipation and a tad bit of fear because I don't want to disappoint Him in any way. Our one year contract renewal is also coming up on June 29th.  So much to look forward to...I can hardly stand it! 


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