Friday, June 28, 2013

"Crossroads": A Night of Riding the Cross (Part I)

All week, I had been mentally preparing and patiently awaiting what was to start yesterday with a mix of excitement and fear.  Master told me that He had several intense scenes planned over a period of a few days that would be meant to challenge my physical and emotion strength and test my commitment and complete surrender as His slave.  The first of these "tests" took place last night. 

He called the scene "At the "Cross"roads".  When all was said and done, this was by far the longest session we have had, at a little over 3 hours and little did I know, would mainly focus on the one thing I fear the most...having my tits whipped.

I shower, fix my hair and makeup, and try to stay calm as I wait for Him to be ready.  As it starts to get dark outside, He finally comes upstairs and tells me it is time as He places a blindfold over my face and leads me to the basement where He takes off the blindfold revealing all that He had prepared.  I quickly scan the room but my eyes focus on the one large object looming in the center...the St. Andrew's Cross.  Candles are lit throughout the room and so many different implements laid.  I also can't help but notice the Hitachi Magic Wand strapped to a stand. 

As I stand naked in the middle of the room facing the cross, He asks, "are you ready to mount the cross".  I nod and He instructs me to step up to it and face Him.  This was the first time I had seen Him.  He is wearing a black shirt and camo pants, bringing a smile to my face because He knows how much I love this outfit on Him during our sessions. Just looking at Him, I know at this moment, I would do anything for this man standing in front of me.  But as He secured my arms and ankles to the cross and put the blindfold back in place over my eyes, I could feel the cold clammy sweat of nervousness on my palms. 

Starting with a light flogger, He begins to lick gently at my stomach, then easing up to my tits and down to my pussy.  I try to relax into it and enjoy the light stimulation as He continues across the front of my body but in the back of mind know that His gentleness will not last.  Gradually, He increases intensity and speed until I hear myself moaning with each stroke contacting my body, caught somewhere between a little bit of pain but also a little bit of pleasure.  Changing to a heavy flogger, He again starts easy and works His way up to harsher, more deliberate strikes, until I am crying out in agony with almost each stroke, particularly the ones that make contact with my overly sensitive nipples.  As my cries turn to sobs, I am still determined to take what He has to give, trusting that He will know how far to push me.  He encourages me to breathe through it, to find my focus...pushing me through the last few more lashes.

As He eases me off the cross, I collapse into His arms still sobbing, shaking, and completely fatigued.  He holds me and assures me of how good I did. And once I have composed myself, He offers me water pointing to the bowl sitting on the floor in the corner of the room.  Knowing what this means, without hesitation or shame, I quickly drop to my hands and knees and crawl to the bowl quickly lapping at the water like a puppy.  When He isn't looking, I glance down at my battered tits to see the welts and lash marks already forming and whimper in pain, hoping that my tits won't have to endure any more for the evening.  Once I quenched my thirst, I assume the kneeling pose as instructed with my face down on the floor and He knows I am ready to resume. 

This time, I am thankful to be mounted to the cross with my backside exposed until He attaches the clover clamps to already tender nipples.  With a dildo mounted to the cross to act as my gag, the licks of the light flogger begin first across my back and shoulders, then my ass.   Again, He gradually increases speed and intensity until changing to a riding crop.  I think during this portion of the session, I was as close to "sub space" as I have ever been as the sting on my ass was beginning to turn from pain to a warm sensation.  But once again, Master pushed the boundary of my pain threshold by switching to the heavy flogger, and had me screaming out in pain louder than I ever have as it connected harshly across my back.  Again, the sobs came but He continued flogging my ass until...well I don't really know when or what made Him decide to stop.

With shaky legs and weak arms, He lowered me off the cross this time and directed me to my water bowl.  As I crawled I was thinking " hard as He just beat my ass, the only part of me that is throbbing right now is the stripes across my back and my tits".  As I finish taking a drink, He sits down in front of me for just a moment and kisses me, giving me the little bit of encouragement I needed to assume the position, and submit to riding the cross yet again not knowing what He has planned next. 

This journal entry is only the first half of last night's as they say...To be continued!  



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