Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gagging/Choking on Cock: Another Lesson From Master

Face Fucking: Yes...PLEASE!

Gagging/Choking on Cock....yeah...not so much!

I had been planning a rather generic post on blow jobs but something came up (literally in every sense of the word...I kid you not!) this week that seemed a lot more interesting.  It all started when I added "face fucking" and "gagging/choking on cock" to my list of growing fetishes on my Fet page profile.

Tuesday, while sitting at my desk at work, I received a text message from my Master clearly stating His intentions to "use my mouth and throat" later that night, including a little reference to my new found fetishes.  Just reading the words, without hearing His voice, I could hear the powerful Dom inflection which sent spasms straight to the lower portion of my body and with it a flood of wetness. 

I know I like "face fucking" and thought I had fully experienced "gagging/choking" since I love for Him to make me move my hands right before He comes in my mouth sometimes pushing and shooting so hard in my throat I start to gag. 

Well...unbeknownst to me, He decided that if I was gong to talk the talk, I was going to walk the walk.  Apparently, I needed to be schooled on the true meaning of "gagging and choking" on His cock!

Later that evening, Master was propped up in the bed enjoying a bowl of ice cream I had just brought Him.  "It's time to put your mouth on me", He said so I quickly got undressed and positioned myself between His legs.  "Right now, you are nothing but a piece of furniture to hold my bowl and you better not let it fall while you suck my cock".  As I began licking Him gently, I feel the bowl placed on the top of my head. This only lasted a few minutes but was my first experience being used in this way and I can't say I minded it.

Ordering me to sit up, the clovers were clamped into place on my already erect nipples and I was instructed to bob up and down fast and hard, fucking my own face.  Each of His moans sent shock waves of excitement down my body but this ended all too quickly as He insisted that I again sit up. He quickly hopped off the bed, moving me to where I was laying on my stomach with my head and chest hanging off the bed, nipples and clamps stretching towards the floor. He grabbed my head and pumped Himself in my mouth over and over again like He was using my pussy.  As I said at the start...face fucking...Yes PLEASE!  I was so lost I couldn't even feel the increasing bite of the clover clamps hanging from my tits.

Now, with Him still standing beside the bed, rolling me onto my back with my head hanging over the side, the true lesson begins.  Having full access to my mouth and body, He leans Himself slightly over me, pushed His cock down my throat as far as possible, to the point that I couldn't breathe.  At the same time He began tugging the chain attached to the clover clamps.  After several seconds, panic started to set in, my whole body lurched, and my hands came up as if to push Him away.  I am ordered to keep my hands down with the threat of being tied down if I reacted that way again so I tucked them under my butt and did my best to relax.  He continued in the same manner over and over, each time making me hold my breath longer before allowing me one small gulp of air before plunging back down again.  I gagged several times and sometimes so hard, I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head! 

With an already raw throat, He moved my body all the way up on the bed and straddled my face, this time taking my mouth even more aggressively.  I am now gagging with almost every thrust until that moment when we both heard everything coming up...FOR REAL!  I couldn't help but laugh at how fast He jumped off of me and then He too busted out laughing. 

After composing myself, I did finish the "job", but in our usual more traditional manner, just with a brutalized throat and the last little bit of suction I could muster. 

I can't say if I have ever felt my mouth and throat so used and I still feel the effects two days later.  Here's hoping we just stick with "face fucking" from this point forward since I quickly retracted that fetish from my list. 

Yep...another lesson learned the hard way!  Cause that's the only way I learn them:)     



  1. This one made me laugh out loud.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed! I aim to please...or at least entertain:)