Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bitten by a Dragon


Recently, Master and I attended a dungeon demonstration.  Before leaving we stopped in the "toy" store and His eye was quickly drawn to this fun little instrument.  It's called a Dragon Tooth, and I'm not really sure what makes it different from a Dragon Tail or a Dragon Tongue except maybe the material it's made out?   

It's about 30 inches long including the handle and the shaft is a not so flexible piece of twisted rubber coming to a thin point at the end.

Just looking at this toy as it hung there on the rack was intimidating and since bringing it home and incorporating it into our play, I have since developed a love/hate relationship with it.

The tip of can deliver a delicious stinging bite if the stroke is quick and sharp, the feeling similar to that of being snapped with a towel.  I love, love, love the feeling of Master playing this across my back and ass, sending tingles down my legs and other places.  Instantly, perfect red triangular marks appear which are always most pleasing to Master and always make me feel a little proud. 

However, I do tend to get a bit nervous once He tells me to turn around so He can play with my tits.  Several times this week, He pulled it out to practice specifically on my nipples.  Yeah me! 

Holy hurts and DAMMIT for super-sensitive nipples!!

Oh...but the other day, Master found another way to inflict torment with the Dragon Tooth once my nipples have had enough.  Using the broader area above the tip, He struck at the sides of my tits, delivering more of a hard slap, as opposed to the sting. 

The evil grin on His face and the growing bulge inside His pants showed me just how much He was enjoying Himself while alternating blows to the outside of each tit and watching intently as each strike caused my tit to rise and then fall back into place. 

Just when I thought He was done, He walked up to me, grabbed my pony tail with one hand, and yanked my head backwards.  My knees instantly buckled slightly and my back was arched so that my tits automatically thrust into the air.  With the other hand, He brought the hard rubber shaft of the Dragon Tooth down squarely across both tits and nipples at the same time.

"Oh, I think my little slut likes this", He said as another blow landed across my chest and another and then another.  And the truth is, I am a little slut that liked it.   

Also, I would love to hear what toy it is that you love to hate or hate to love.

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