Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Slippery Road

This has been one crazy week!  One that everyone in my city will be talking about for decades to come.  You've probably seen it in the news. The southern city that fell to it's knees and came to a grinding halt on Tuesday from a little bit of snow.  I can't even describe to you what it was like...hours of being on the road only to realize you were never getting home.  Many people had no choice but to either stay in their cars for 24 hours or more or to abandon their cars to find shelter in nearby offices, stores, and restaurants.

Master and I were lucky enough to at least have been together.  Our kids were some of the lucky ones that actually made it home from school but we couldn't get there.  The farthest I could get from my office was a few miles away to His office where we made the decision to stay put for the night.  We would have never made it home and it was better knowing that even if we were separated from our children, we were all safe and warm.  The scenes unfolding around us were mind boggling and I don't think life has completely returned to normal for any of us just yet.   

Other things have been happening this week too, other not so good things.  I guess you could say my submission is on as thin ice as these cars.  I slid out of control, causing a huge traffic jam in what we do.

It started when I told Him "NO".  He was disappointed in my disobedience.  I've voiced my concerns about this one thing for a while, but to Him, it's non-negotiable.  Looking back, I could have handled it differently but I would have just been kicking this issue down the road.  We would have had to address it at some point. 

So, now we find ourselves at a impasse. 

It's clear that my unwillingness or inability in this expectation is a game changer for Him.

All of a sudden, things got muddled and I seem to have lost my way, slid down the hill and am stuck at the bottom.   I am confused, hurt, and totally unsure of where we stand at this point.   


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    1. Lol as do I!!!
      Im glad you all are okay, and that everything with you and your Master works out in both favors...Its tough not knowing where you're headed after certain road blocks. Going through that always puts me on edge.

      Hugs and Kisses

    2. Oh my gosh...that is awesome! Without giving too much away here on the internet, I am in the northern burbs. Feel free to contact me through my email...would love to get to know you better.

      It is tough not knowing where we are headed. Right now all I can do is give Him space to figure things out.

  2. ((((Hugs))))

    I'm not sure it's disobedience exactly if this issue is a hard limit for you xxx

    Hope you can discuss it and find a way round that meets his needs AND respects your limits xxx

    1. Awww....thanks for the hug kitten.

      I guess the problem is that in our dynamic I don't have limits. I mean I personally have limits but I am to trust that he will take care of me as he pushes these limits as he sees fit. Apparently I hit a place where I lacked trust and took the decision away from him. Saying NO is also breaking one of our cardinal rules.

    2. ah, I see.

      Though if you lacked trust maybe his approach of limit pushing in this case didn't foster trust?

    3. You have no idea how right you are!!

  3. I just want to say I love your blog. I've learned quite a bit, and I share posts you write with My Love, but mostly, I love the perspective you really makes me think about how I do things. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Jacy. I am glad that you like it and find it helpful:)

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    1. Thank HS...need them right now for sure:)