Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All Sorts of Good Slavey Things

As we drifted off to sleep Sunday night, Daddy's words to me were...

good dinner...
                        good story...
                                             good blowjob...
                                                                       GOOD NIGHT!

It feels good when He recognizes and appreciates the things I do to make His life easier...and more pleasurable.  I have been working particularly hard on not just my sexual service but domestic as well and a verbal recognition is always welcomed.

But if I am really being honest,  I am totally an approval slut.  Is that even a thing?

Above all else, His approval is what I strive for and the more I know that I have pleased Him, the harder I continue trying.

So, yesterday was a holiday for the kids and I, but Daddy had to work.  And as much as I love for Him to be home, days when I am home and He is not, can end up being so productive.

I ran errands, cleaned the house, and took care of just about everything I could think needed to be done.  I even found a great deal on a storage facility for His new boat and towed it there with the truck myself. Can I just say that was a first for me and I didn't curb it once?!

And He was so impressed!! 

The only thing left to do was workout but I was saving that so we could do it together after dinner. Lately, with it being cold, I have been doing 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical while He does the same amount of time on the stationary bike. 

But last night when we went upstairs, He told me He wanted me in something sexy and He had something else in mind for my workout. An idea inspired from the second chapter of my story presented on Sunday night.  Honestly, I didn't see that one coming but I guess I should have.

I pulled out my black lacy bra and already had on bright red thongs.  He approved but told me that I would still need to wear sneakers.  Well, I just had to make some remark about how stupid I was going to look and ended up wearing 5 inch heels as punishment for my smart mouth.

While He pedaled the bike, He had me standing out in front of Him and directed me though a 30 minute workout far different than the treadmill, mostly core building exercises mixed with a little bit of weights.

Some exercises were as easy as marching in place or crunches...some as difficult as the pose pictured below. This happened to be His favorite, by the way, and one that will apparently be used more frequently.  I wasn't holding plates though, just hand weights.

No...this is not actually me.

My reward for all the hard work...a post-workout orgasm using the dog cock dildo, while He stood over me and watched.   

All in all, a good day!!


  1. If 'approval slut' is a thing, then that is me also. Damn i love approval, especially in areas where my confidence is lacking.

    1. Hi little! I am glad to know I'm not alone in that. And I hadn't really thought of that point....where confidence lacks. Hmmmm! You may be on to something:)

  2. I am definitely an approval slut! I want to know that I am doing things "right" I am not a mind reader and Sir is not always very vocal in many aspects, I am not very good at the guessing game as I usually over analyse. I seek approval whenever I can!

    1. Hi there Organically Submissive!! Thank you for your comment and such a valid point. Our goal is to please and that feedback is crucial to know that we are in fact doing what they expect.

      Hugs xx