Monday, January 5, 2015

Tricks of the Mind

Daddy came downstairs yesterday morning, greeting me in the kitchen and drawing me in with kiss that made me melt just a little. He told me that I needed to plan on getting the grocery shopping done early, while He was finishing up school work and then be prepared for a paddling in the afternoon.

I wasn't sure if this was one of those...I just want to paddle you moods or if I had done something wrong because there is quite a difference.

He grinned and said "you know exactly what you did".

My mind started racing.  I'm quite sure at any given time, there's something I've done wrong, or some chore that didn't get completed, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was this time.

I shook my head and told Him that I didn't know.  He gave me a hint, telling me it was something I mumbled after getting up the previous night to put my pajamas on.   

Nope...still doesn't ring a bell.

I'll tell you the first couple of words then. " That wasn't..."


Ok..the next word  "That wasn't...what..."

I was like a deer in headlights and had no idea what He was talking about.  And then He finished the sentence.

You said, "That wasn't what I was expecting."

Now, I did come to bed that night without any clothes on, hinting that my monthly visitor had vacated the premises.

And I was being pretty forward, rubbing my body all over His legs as I used my mouth on Him, hinting that I was SUPER horny.

Of course, since I was rubbing my nipples on Him, He thought they deserved some special attention and sent me to get the Young's forceps. 

As I continued to suck, He took turns on each of my nipples, pinching, pulling, and tugging until my whimpering got on His nerves.  He then told me to lick and stroke His balls, until He was ready for my mouth to finish Him off.

So afterwards as He lay there basking in His glory, I got up to get my clothes from the dresser and that's when He thought He heard me say "well, that's wasn't what I was expecting".

I might not have learned much, but I have certainly learned not to say THAT!  Think it...ok...I might be guilty. But I wouldn't say it out loud.

Yikes!  Maybe he can actually read my mind!  Can you get in trouble for that??

After quite a bit of convincing, He did believe me.  But I have no idea what I said that He misheard because I honestly don't remember saying anything.  I suggested that perhaps   His guilty conscience was speaking to Him.

Yeah, He wasn't buying that one!!  


  1. The way I look at it, yes they can read our minds (even if they really can't) and yes we can get in trouble for saying nothing at all.

    1. Oh gosh...i can only imagine how often I'd be punished then!