Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Punishment, Earning Sex, and Paying for an Orgasm: Part I

Summer has started, kids are out of school, and as if finding time for training and play wasn't hard enough before, I fear it is going to be even more challenging in the weeks ahead. 

Nevertheless, I was being punished last week for my last transgression...orgasm without permission,  which I wrote about in "My Pleasure is Not my Own".  My Master has a couple of things in His arsenal that He just loves to use above all others, mainly because He is getting a much better feel for my likes and dislikes. Of course, the ones I don't like are top of the list when He is developing some devious punishment scenario.

He informed me that I was to bring myself to orgasm 6 times daily, each time stopping just at just the moment before climax.  Monday through Thursday were fairly uneventful despite my constant aching down below, but I was determined to take my punishment and be thankful it wasn't worse (oh, was I wrong in that assumption).  Some days it was requested that I wait and perform in front of Him...a little more distracting and time consuming, but very erotic I admit. Lying there knowing that my only reason for displaying and touching myself is for His viewing and pleasure has gone from awkward to HOT!  As is always expected, I also worked to ensure His sexual satisfaction by using my mouth on Him whenever He so desired. 

I was in a good frame of mind but by Friday, my resolve was beginning wear thin and by the end of the day had completely fallen apart at the seams.  I could barely tolerate touching myself and stopping my orgasm was nearly impossible a couple of times.  The only thing holding me back was the thought of how harsh that punishment would be.  Early in the evening, our older kid took the younger one to the pool and to my delight Master decided to fit in some training time.  Standing completely naked in the middle of the room, I demonstrated each position I am expected to know, and was swiftly corrected for each imperfection with a smack of the riding crop. 

Ordering me to the bed, He proceeded to use each of my three holes for his own pleasure.  I was in heaven!  After not being touched all week, everything was mind blowing, especially the anal sex (which was by far the best experience to date).  Then, what happens in the midst of it all?  The kids come in from the pool, knock at the bedroom door, and for some reason they want to eat dinner:)  What can I say?  Game over for the time being. 

As the evening went on, my frustrations were starting to build.  I knew my tone was getting just a tad snippy, and when He corrected me the tears came along with the big lump that rose from my chest to my throat.  Damn!  I was so mad at myself letting that happen.  I knew He wasn't happy with my crying and I really tried to stifle it as quickly as I could, apologizing and explaining that I have no outlet for any of my emotions.  I can't scream and yell...that will get me in trouble.  I can't have an orgasm...that will get me in trouble.  I hadn't been paddled or had any other physical release through pain.  I know He understood as He listened but it didn't change the fact that the only thing I would be granted was to swallow his come that night...and the next...and the next.

Now, finally after a full week, on Monday I was given the opportunity to prove how badly I needed  sex but there was also going to be a price I would pay for the privilege to enjoy it fully.  I started by licking and caressing His cock while begging for Him to use me like a "fuck doll".  His response was something to the effect of "Are you ready to earn your sex by enduring a lot of pain?"   Uhhh...Yes...PLEASE!!  Then, He listed the implements that I was to collect and bring to Him for use on my tits and nipples. 

Needle nose pliers
Wire coat hanger
Cable loopy
Clover clamps and all the weights

Oh, this was quite a list and I wasn't at all convinced I was going to enjoy this play, but I wasn't going to risk losing out on my chance.  So, I reminded myself that "He will not give me more than I can handle" and I jumped up to go collect the items requested.  When I returned, He ordered me to get spread eagle on the bed and He shoved a gag in my mouth. Admittedly, I was a bit terrified as He started mashing each of my nipples and clit with the pliers until I let out a squeal behind the gag.  He picked up the coat hanger and I felt several stinging smacks across my nipples and a couple whacks on my pussy.  None of it really was intended to hurt badly but if this was fear play, He was doing a good job. 

Before I knew it, I heard everything being put away, His body pressed on top of mine as He explained that my willingness to endure all that said enough and how pleased He was with me. 

Sigh of relief...Whew!!  There is something to be said for trust:) 

I am pleased to say that I did in fact earn some awesome sex but there was still a little matter of the price to be paid for my orgasm and that part of my story will have to be continued... hopefully tomorrow.

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