Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'll Take Vanilla Today

Today, I am not writing about sex, spankings or anything of the like.  Today was just one of those days when Master and I spent the entire day just being us.  We both took the day off work because He had been planning something challenging and kinda kinky but the plans fell through.  Maybe it will happen at a later time and I can write about it then.

Rarely do our schedules allow us spend an entire day, just the two us, but the kids were off at school and we were going to make use of our time.  After taking care of some business this morning...wink wink, we did some shopping, ate lunch at the mall, went to see a movie, and took a drive to the lake.
We even had the older kid babysit and continued our day long date by going out to dinner!!

Even though He told me we going to be in a relaxed mode, I didn't feel right not honoring my submission in some way.  So I surprised Him by putting my hair in pig tails the way He likes, wearing my big hoochie hoop earrings, and asking permission to wear a butt plug which I happily kept in the majority of the day:)

The whole day, I kept looking at Him and thinking about how much I completely love this man.  It is too easy to get caught up in the day to day schedules, routines, kids, activities.  Add to it the stress of incorporating the D/s lifestyle, it's all so much that you easily forget how much you enjoy just being together like it was back in the beginning.

I realize that I not only love Him as my husband and the father of my children, but I see Him in such a different light now.  My submission has deepened my love because He has gained my respect and a trust that no other person has ever earned from me.

I love Him for knowing me in a way that no one else does or ever will.
I love Him for accepting everything about me, the good and the not so good. 
I love Him for knowing me better than sometimes I know myself. (which I don't like to admit)
I love Him for knowing what makes me happy.
I love Him for introducing me to and guiding me through this new path in our life together.
I love Him for inspiring me to better communicate my thoughts and feelings.
I love Him for building my confidence in a way that I so desperately needed.
I love Him for always being my rock in this crazy world.

Most of all I love that I never have to wonder where I stand.  There are no silly little games or questions in my mind.  I belong to Him and He adores me.

These are all the reasons I am able to willingly submit my everything to Him.


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    1. Glad I could make you smile! I was definitely feeling the love that day:)