Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Not So Gentle Reminder...I am His

Last night began so tender and gentle without any intentions of sex or play.  We were both tired and it was nice just to lay in the bed and snuggle up next my Master's side.  I was enjoying the gentle caress of His fingers tracing lines up and down my back.  However, it wasn't long before He said, "You need to be stroking me".  I eagerly began worshipping His cock with the same gentleness.  Using the shaft and head of His dick to trace the side of my face, feeling it twitch if I blew on it ever so softly, and hearing Him softly moan each time I put Him in my mouth was driving me wild.  All the while, He was still gently stroking my body.  Ever so slightly touching each of my breasts and tracing around my nipples, down my side, and sending shock waves not just to my pussy but to my core. 

How silly it was of me to be fooled by such gentless but I did enjoy it while it lasted.


He then asked if I had brought my switch to bed, which of course I did because this is one of my new rules.  Each night I must have it available should He choose to use it and this was the first night He asked for it.  Nervously, I reached down under the mattress and handed it to Him.  He instructed me to move to His right side, continue sucking His cock with my feet pointed towards the head of the bed and lay my body out flat.  The taps began on my ass, light at first and gradually getting harder.  I can't be sure but I am pretty sure there was a pattern...about 25 quick and light swats, and then 25 more intentional, harder blows.  I found sub space easily for a while by just bobbing up and down in unison with the switch but as the strikes became more painful, I worked through it by deep throating.  I was corrected quickly for flinching or whining and the last thing I wanted was to disappoint.  So the harder He hit, the harder I deep throated.  In all, I have no idea how many swats my ass took but I know it was several hundred. 

When my Master was satisfied with His work, He ordered me to get on my back and as usual, regardless of the pain, I was wet and ready for Him.  He could tell I was uncomfortable and trying not to rub against the bed very much so He ordered me to move my ass and push hard into the mattress, as He plunged deeper inside of me.  As our bodies moved together, and He began to softly kiss me, the pain disappeared and I became lost in my thoughts. 

"I willingly submit my body and soul to Him"...

"He owns every part of me"...

"I am His"...

These thoughts sent me over the edge as I asked permission for my orgasm and He softly commanded "Yes, come for Me, baby".

Admittedly, I am not only proud of my marks but I am proud of how well I tolerated the pain.  I am still a bit swollen, very sore, and will probably be wearing the bruises for a while, but they are my reminder...I am His:)

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