Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why Maintenance Spankings Help

I guess seeing the pictures of my bruised ass this week has caused some questions about how I can tolerate the pain.  One answer...MAINTENANCE SPANKINGS! 

My introduction to this concept was around month 2 of our D/s relationship.  I can't even begin to describe how nervous I was that first day, instructed by my Master's text to be waiting naked in the corner of the bedroom on my knees with a wooden spoon in my mouth.  As I heard His footsteps thumping across the wooden floor, my pulse quickened and a lump rose in my throat.  At His direction. I stood and assumed my position...legs spread, hands clasped behind my head, and rotating my hips in seductive circles, which tend to become not so seductive after being spanked hard for a while!

Maintenance spankings always begin with a warm up of light tapping.  He likes to see my ass get rosy pink and then he gradually increases force.  The spanking that first day was a mere 46 licks with the wooden spoon.  They were meant to sting but not really hurt.  My Master determined the number of licks based on my age at the time which was 39 plus the day of the month which was the 7th. 

The next day was a different implement (a paddle) and the number increased to 54  The day after that was 63 and fairly uneventful except my butt was definitely feeling the effects of being spanked several days in a row.     

Ah...Friday, I am up to 73 but Master tries a different position.  This time I am face down and spread eagle on the bed.  Unfortunately, after failing to keep my hips rotating and earned myself 20 more licks and He chose the loopy for those, which is an spanking implement I never, ever find fun!

Saturday's spanking was a total of 84.  Because I was a bit sore, He started with 64 for the warm up and reserved the last 20 for intensity.  It was a good thing because today's implement was a belt and 20 of those was more than enough.

So, Sunday was to be the end of my maintenance spankings for the week and for a while in general but He had warned me it would be a tough one.  After warming my ass well, He chose the large plastic slotted spatula from the kitchen which hurt like a you know what and actually made me break out in a sweat.  But no tears, no break in form, and I am really starting to enjoy this special time of bonding between my Master and I.  The total count for that day...100!

Just some quick tidbits:

My Master always tells me the number of licks when He is doing maintenance spankings.  This allows me to get into a rhythm, focus, and achieve sub-space.

The warm-up is so very important and I cannot stress this point enough.  I can tolerate so much more when the intensity is gradually introduced. 

Punishment spankings are treated much differently. There are fewer, but they are more intense, and without warm-up. He will not tell me the number of licks beforehand because I am not meant to achieve sub-space.  Also, because they are more intense, he may have to determine how many based on how I am handling it.   

We go back over the maintenance spanking ritual every few months.  The last time, day one started at 100 and had progressed to 400 by the last day of the week!

Maintenance spankings are cathartic and stress relieving for me.  I feel like everything is washed away after it's all over...amazing how that works:)

Before last week, I would see pictures of other people's bruised bottoms and think..."NO WAY...  that's way too extreme...I could not take that".  Apparently my maintenance spankings prepared me better than I thought!!



  1. Has your husband ever used a cane for your maintenance spankings. Try it, you may like it. Six nice swishes on that voluptuous naked rear end of yours, might just be what you need,

    1. My Master thanks you for the splendid idea. He liked it so much that He has declared the entire month of December...Maintenance Month!

  2. i need some advice on what my master and i should do im 18 and hes 21 we started this five months ago but im not that good at it im always talking back and not doing everything.imsuppost to do till im ready plz help