My Rules

updated 9/15/14

1.  I must be on time for any appointment with Master.
2. I will complete any assignments or tasks given by Master or others should Master desire as such.  Master should not have to remind me of daily or weekly tasks.
3. I am not allowed to swear at home or at work.
4.  I am not allowed to say "no" or "ok".
5.  If I fail to follow a rule determined by Master, and Master is unaware of the disobedience, I must confess to Master so that He can decide whether I should be punished.
6.  I should greet Master when He comes in from work or any other time we have been separated for more than 3 hours with a kiss on His right cheek and simply whisper "Hello, Master".
7.  In public, I shall never walk in front of Him but slightly behind to Master's left side.
8.  I will bring my switch to bed each night so it is available should Master choose to use it.
9.  I will adorn my nipples prior to every blowjob. (Placed on hold by Master as He is devising new methods of punishment or humiliation prior to blowjob.)

1.  I must make at least three entries a week in my blog.
2.  I must keep the bathroom floor clear of all hair.
3.  I must not allow my gas tank to get below 1/4 tank full.
4.  I must provide Master a massage after workouts when requested
5.  If cars are dirty, they must be cleaned by the end of the week.
6.  All bed linens shall be stripped on Saturday, placed in the laundry, and beds remade with great care.
7.  All empty clothes hangers should be removed weekly from the closets and taken to the laundry room.

8.  Restroom toilets must be cleaned thoroughly minimum one time per week.   

1. I will do whatever exercise Master fells necessary for fitness.

2.  When Master is at home, I will wear whatever is deemed appropriate by Master, including nothing if He so desires.

3.  I will be required to come to bed completely nude unless otherwise directed.

4.  I must always wear revealing and sexy clothing around Master unless given permission to do so otherwise.  The clothing that I wear will allow easy access to my pussy, ass and tits.  The clothing should emphasize and exaggerate my assets.  How I present my body is more important to Master than my discomfort or insecurities.

5.  I should never be concerned about showing too much flesh in public.

6.  I will dress "trashy" for Master when we go out.  Examples include bright red lipstick, big earrings, slutty clothing and boots or high heels.  If I wear a skirt, I must also wear thigh highs or garters.

7.  I will keep my hair color and length the way Master wants it.

8.  Unless otherwise given permission, my hair must be kept up in a manner that exposes the nape of my neck and shoulders.  When naked I must keep my hair in a ponytail or pigtails.

9.  I must keep my pussy clean shaven at all times.

10. I cannot wear bra or panties unless permission is granted otherwise.

11.  All outfit choices must be approved and unless permission is given otherwise, must be a skirt or dress, and if stockings are worn they must be thigh highs or garters.

1.  I should be prepared to take Master's cock in my mouth daily, without complaint or hesitation.  I may be required to do so more than once per day.

2.  When Master's cock is in my mouth, I will do my best to please Him vigorously as long as is required.  My hands shall be placed on the tops of my thighs, behind my neck, or clasped at the base of my back so that I can use my whole body to display my eagerness to please.

3.  Master's cum must never go to waste.  I will always swallow all of Master's cum.  I will lick it up if Master cums into my hands, on my body or anywhere else.  I will clean Master's cock thoroughly squeezing out every last drop.  In rare and privileged cases, I will wear Master's cum on my body.

4.  Should Master decide to cum in my pussy, I will make sure to suck His cock clean.

5.  I must never reach orgasm without permission from my Master; Master will decide when or if I may release.

6.  Should I have an orgasm without permission, I must notify Master so that I can be punished at His discretion.

7.  I must make my mouth available each Saturday and Sunday morning for a blowjob in addition to any other times throughout the week that He should so desire.

8.  I must make myself available to any man or woman as Master sees fit.  (New)



  1. I love it. We don't have a formal contract, but things are very much the same in my world. It has simply been an evolution to the current state of affairs. The idea sounds kind of erotic though.

    1. Thanks! It works for me because I am a visual person. I need to see it in black and white with as much detail as possible!

      We have found the contact not really that necessary at this point. It was pretty important the first year though. It helped me started focused at times when I questioned myself and my decision.

  2. Hiya. This is manely my tasked to.

  3. What did you do for your master on S&BJ day (March 14)? You should at least give him a steak and a blow job. See or .org.

    1. I actually had no idea there was such a day. I will have to remember so that I can make next year's S&BJ day extra special!

  4. I see you have added a new rule #8. Was this a result of your recent misunderstanding? Does it come with any flexibility or is it now intended always to be strictly followed?

  5. This rule has actually been in place since October. I just haven't updated the page so to answer your was not a result of our recent misunderstanding.

    And no, there will be no flexibility with this rule if Master so chooses. But to my knowledge He is not actively seeking it out either. If it just so happened that an opportunity arose and Master chose to act on it, I would be expected to trust that He had already taken care of all the pertinent details about safety, etc.

  6. Love how detailed your rules are. Makes me realize how many of the things that have become a normal thing for me to follow, didn't end up in the wrote out rules.

    xx brat

    1. Thank you! I find it much easier when it's in black and white. It's also easier for Him to hold me to expectations if its clearly written out. I also hate to admit this, but as we get older, we both need as much help as we can get with remembering:)


    2. I so agree and understand that - I hang mine on the closet door so I can remind myself. Sir says we need to revisit and do an update on ours though. We'll see how much they change. lol. :) xx

  7. Such a delightful list of rules! What has caused a few of them to be put on hold? And is Master considering making you available to other men or women??

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and lifestyle!

  8. Hi and thanks for your compliment!

    A couple of them have been put on hold just for practical reasons. We have a child that has sleeping issues right now so some of the things that have to do with bedtime rituals were getting pushed aside anyways. It was best to suspend them and hopefully revisit them in the near future. The Saturday and Sunday blowjob requirements are actually back in effect so I appreciate your comment, as it will prompt us to review and update our rules again:)

    As far as sharing...well, that is something that is I am to understand is always on the table. For Heron. It will just very much depend on what sort of situation presents itself.

    Thanks for your questions!!

    1. hummm...on what sort of situation presents itself? I wonder what Heron has in store for you :) -AAF4Us

  9. Hi Little Girl. Thank you for sharing your Rules, and of course all of your other experiences! It seems like you and your husband have been clear about what you both need to make your lifestyle work...congratulations on that!

    My wife and I share a similar story. We have been married almost 14 years and two years ago we started to lean more and more on D/s in our relationship. The results have been outstanding. And as of Jan 1st 2014 we formalized our D/s adventure with a Contract. For us our Contract has provided the consistency we desired from each other.

    We have both continue to get lot out of your sharing and Rules so we thought we'd share our Contract as a thank you. In fact on Friday night I had my submissive read our Contract and your Rules out loud...just to see if any new inspirations struck me ;) With a little help from a crop on different parts of her body (a very compromising kneeling potion) the words really came to life when my wife read them!

    So with that being said here's a look at our Contract. We are curious to hear what you think...maybe your Master will have you read our Contract aloud to Him…ha:

    1. Hi Thomas, first of all hello and thank you for taking the to reach out and introduce yourself. Congratulations on formalizing your dynamic with this contract! I am flattered to know that our experiences have helped along the way in finding happiness in your own path. My Master and I did both read your contract and commend you on how well thought out and thorough it is. I love clarity in the written form. I realize not everyone needs that but its easier for us both to have it memorialized. I do have a contract as well as my rules. It perhaps is similar in detail as to what you have sent me and provides much more detail about our structure. I don't have it here on my blog but its reviewed and renewed yearly. So just curious, as you are in a similar situation as us by implementing this years into marriage, what problems have you encountered and was this something you both wanted or did one introduce it to the other? Also, feel free to email me anytime at It may be easier to communicate back and forth that way. Thank you again for sharing so much of your own personal journey with me.

    2. Thank you for sharing your mind and soul with us.

  10. Like I mentioned before. Feel free to share any thoughts or ask any questions. We'd be happy to share on why and how we ended up with this Contract.