Monday, October 12, 2015

Picture Perfect

To me, this picture is a beautiful representation of how much my life has changed in less than one short year.

I am so grateful for all the new experiences thus far and the truly wonderful people that have shared in those along the way.

photo taken by @Depraved_Eros on Fetlife

To Heron, I think this photo served as inspiration to remind me just how torturous this darn little wand could be!  Saturday night he pulled it out for a little"fun", but that's a story for another post😊

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Little Late to the Party

Yes, I suppose I am a little late to this particular party or lagging a bit behind. 

Oh...this post may very well be filled with puns.  Haha! 

What's this party you ask?

Well it's the Glass Plug Party!

And now, I would like to officially bid thee farewell to my menagerie of silicone plugs!! You are no longer good for me.  

Why I didn't try a glass plug sooner...I have no idea. 

But you know what they say? 

Better late than never! Fashionably late is cool, right?

All this time, I guess they just seemed too intimidating...too cold...too unyielding.

However, after my escapades the weekend of my loan and having to fight that damn silicone plug to stay in the whole night, while dying a thousand deaths of embarrassment every time I had to shove it back in, I decided it was time to...take the plunge. 

Of course, after asking Heron if I could buy one, He was all too happy to help me pick one out.

So last week, my assignment was to wear it everyday from the time I got home from work until bedtime.  If I failed to have it in, sex was off the table.  Well, it was for me anyways.  It's never off the table for him.  Better believe I was on top of that assignment.   

Don't get me wrong...using a glass plug seemed to take a little more patience and relaxation, especially the first couple times I used it.  Getting past that bulbous head was a bit of a challenge but once it's in...IT'S IN!!

I literally felt as if I could do anything and it wasn't going anywhere. 

For the first time EVER, I actually enjoyed sex while plugged, without launching a missile.  Don't know exactly what I mean.    

I'm addicted!

And if you find yourself reading this and think "Wow...the plug in that picture looks familiar." Well yes, I totally copied.  You know who you are! :-)

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Make Us Proud

Last Friday night, Heron and I had some special plans.  We met the Mistress and her boyfriend at a local swinger's club. 

The last time I had seen her was the weekend spent in her service, so I was a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. Of course, this was also the first time Heron and I had been to this type of club so we just didn't know what to expect in general. 

The night was fun and included some girl/girl action, which was certainly a hit with all of the guys at the club.

One of the highlights had to be the wet T-shirt contest.  As soon as Heron and the Mistress heard that there would be such a contest, they agreed that I was going to be in it.

The shirts were passed around to all the contestants and then we were called down to the dance floor.   Heron sent me down with a hug and a kiss, and instructions to make him proud.

Just before the contest started, the Mistress came to the edge of the dance floor and called me over to her.  She planted a kiss on my lips and tweaked my nipples, making sure they were nice and stiff underneath my shirt.  Looking at Heron and then back to me, she said in a firm voice, "you make US proud".

Not that they really needed to worry about making them proud.  With my competitive nature, I really don't like to lose a contest.  

Standing side by side with the other women in the competition, the music started and as did the water works.  People armed with spray bottles, began dousing us as we danced to the music.  I danced as seductively as I could, pulling at my shirt as it clung to my body.  I should mention that all I was wearing besides the shirt was a towel around my waist...with nothing else underneath.  The towel was stripped off and thrown aside, bearing all my "assets" to the club, as I continued dancing for the remainder of the song.

The music stopped and the votes were taken by audience applause.  The emcee decided that there should be a stripper pole dance off between the top three. 

And I was one of the three!

My previous experience with the pole and the lessons that the Mistress gave me a couple months ago sure came in handy.  This time when the votes were taken by audience applause, I WON!

And I came home with an extra $100 in my wallet.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Finally Here!

The pictures from our photo shoot are finally trickling in.  Four weeks of patiently waiting...and Words cannot begin to describe how excited I have been to see these!!   

Unfortunately, there are many that show our faces so I hate that I won't be able to post those but I hope you enjoy the ones I can share!

Such a simple pose but so much captured here!!

Photo taken by Depraved_Eros on Fetlife